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Geek Girl Review: Netflix’s Perfect Recipe for All Things Amusing

Geek Girl Review

Geek Girl, based on Holly Smale’s best-selling YA novel, has landed on Netflix and the briefest way to describe this series is – fun! This latest Netflix series has a young cast with actors and actresses like Emily Carey, Liam Woodrum, and Daisy Jelley, amongst other seasoned cast members like Sarah Parish, Sandra Yi Sencindiver, Tim Downie, Jemima Rooper, and Emmanuel Imani. As all of them come together, Geek Girl has truly turned out to be a hoot and a half!

If you’re a fan of young-adult fiction or some classic coming-of-age movies, then Geek Girl is the series for you. This series also offers 10 chapters across 10 episodes, all with lengths less than 40 minutes, making it a breezy watch.

In this review, we will dive in deeper into what worked versus what didn’t work for Geek Girl, and you can decide whether you want to stream it or skip it!

Emily Carey is the Heart of Geek Girl

Geek Girl stays true to its title as it revolves around the main protagonist, Harriet Manners, who has been labeled a “geek” by the students at her school, and to a very large extent, also by herself.

While Harriet tries to be geek and proud, things get increasingly difficult as she tries to figure out her own identity, especially after a trip to the London Fashion Week, which completely changes her life.

After the London Fashion Week, Harriet is hunted down by a modeling agency that wants to sign her on, and thus begins the series filled with some extremely funny moments, tinges of embarrassment, the usual teen crushes, and much more.

Emily Carey is the Heart of Geek Girl
Credit: Netflix

There’s no denying that as a series, Geek Girl can often be cliche but frankly, it doesn’t feel copied or receptive at any point. While this series might feel familiar, there are several parts across 10 episodes that you can point to and say – that’s unique! Geek Girl can be your next comfort show, and Emily Carey plays a big role in that.

Carey is the heart of the series, and there’s no doubt about that. While she might look like the girl next door, her personality is the kind that a geek or nerd in school can possibly relate to. This element of the series really adds beautifully to the coming-of-age genre, which is exactly where Geek Girl belongs, and Carey’s own touch on Harriet’s character elevates the series.

Geek Girl Review: Netflix's Perfect Recipe for All Things Amusing
Credit: Netflix

We’re not saying that Geek Girl will be a part of the Emmy Awards in 2025, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t reach its audience and touch several hearts all at the same time. A series can be fun and wholesome whilst also not being the most critically acclaimed on television, and Geek Girl is proof of that.

Geek Girl
Credit: Netflix


The cherry on top when it comes to Geek Girl is the perfect kiss at the end of the series, so you might want to stick around for that. Do let us know in the comments if this coming-of-age YA series lived up to your expectations!

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