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Hollywood Con Queen: Apple TV+ Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

Hollywood Con Queen

Based on Scott C. Johnson’s book, Hollywood Con Queen: The Hunt for an Evil Genius, and the story behind one of Hollywood’s biggest scams so far, Apple TV will be releasing a three-part documentary series, titled, Hollywood Con Queen. The streaming platform has had a successful year so far, and by the looks of it, May will be a great month for Apple TV too with Hollywood Con Queen added to the roster.

There’s plenty you need to know about Hollywood Con Queen before streaming it on Apple TV, and we’re here to tell you all about it. So, make sure you stick around till the very end to learn more about the upcoming documentary series with a story that shocked an entire industry and now, will do the same for the whole world!

What is the Premise of Hollywood Con Queen?

Hollywood Con Queen is a three-part documentary series that follows one of the biggest scams in Hollywood. This true story follows the life and scams of a mysterious figure who has infamously been called the “con queen” and has previously presented herself as a powerful woman in the industry with big opportunities for people. As a part of the said opportunity, the con queen has lured several people all the way to Indonesia, Hollywood Con Queen.

The official trailer of this documentary series gives viewers a glimpse into what they can expect from the upcoming documentary series, which includes the process behind investigating Hollywood’s biggest scam.

The Cast of Hollywood Con Queen

Since it is a documentary series, the people involved in this on-screen will be those who have either been part of the scam, or those behind investigating this infamous story. The Hollywood Reporter’s investigative journalist Scott C. Johnson and a private investigator, Nicole Kotsianas, will be at the center of Hollywood Con Queen.

The Cast of Hollywood Con Queen
Credit: YouTube/Apple TV

Hollywood Con Queen will mainly consist of the investigation, behind-the-scenes, and several interviews that will make up the documentary series, which is also originally based on Johnson’s book, as aforementioned.

When and Where Can You Watch Hollywood Con Queen?

The official release date of Hollywood Con Queen is just around the corner as the countdown has begun. All those who have subscribed to Apple TV+ can stream the upcoming documentary series on May 8, 2024. So, make sure you have subscribed to the streaming platform because you wouldn’t want to miss out on Hollywood’s biggest scam.


If the premise of Hollywood Con Queen made your eyes go wide and left your mouth agape, then we might just be on the same page. Do keep a lookout on our website for a detailed review of the upcoming documentary series, which will help you decide whether you want to stream it or skip it.