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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 Episode 1 Recap: What Happened In The Premiere?

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 Episode 1 Recap

The much-awaited “Below Deck Mediterranean” is back and how! “My Big Fat Greek Yacht Emergency,” an exciting new episode, introduces fans to a new crew led by Captain Sandy. With little time on their hands, they must complete the difficult task of turning the chaotic Mustique into a perfect sanctuary before the first charter guests arrive. Let’s see if they’re able to do so in time or not!

A Delicate Balancing Act in Below Deck Mediterranean

With the start of the charter season of “Below Deck Mediterranean”, the crew was thrown into an eruption of tension and difficulties. In addition to having to swiftly create a positive working dynamic, they only had twenty-four hours to turn the yacht into a picture-perfect retreat for their visitors.

But in the midst of all of this mayhem, Aesha and Chef Jonathan “Jono” Shillingford suffered a serious blow: their supplies, which included basic food and beverages, were running behind schedule.

A Delicate Balancing Act in Below Deck Mediterranean
Credits: Bravo

The staff had to face the unpleasant truth that many essential supplies, such as alcohol, were still missing with only an hour to go before the first visitors arrived. One bottle of champagne, usually saved for the greeting of guests, was discovered by Aesha. She thought quickly and poured the scant contents into eight flutes, ready for the charter to begin with a boat full of powerful people.

Later in “Below Deck Mediterranean”, Aesha told the visitors straight up about the provisioning situation before taking them on a tour of the yacht. She made it clear that some drinks, such as red and rosé wines, were still out of stock.

Laundry Woes

Even seemingly simple chores in the high-stakes world of “Below Deck Mediterranean” can turn into significant losses for the crew. The third stew, Sabrina “Bri” Muller, was put in charge of laundry duties, which included making sure the visitors’ clothes were laundered as requested. But what started as an easy chore soon became another obstacle the crew had to conquer.

A few diners particularly requested that their clothing be steam-ironed in advance of the evening’s meal. But as time passed, an incredible six hours passed and the task remained unfinished. Bri said she wanted to take her time and was not confident in her ability to do laundry.

Aesha sensed the need and intervened quickly, finishing the outfits in time for the visitors, who had been waiting patiently in their robes, to be able to finally get dressed.

Laundry Woes
Credits: Bravo

During a confessional, Bri reflected on the washing incident and said that while it may have seemed like a molehill to someone else, she saw it as an overwhelming mountain of stress.

To make matters worse in “Below Deck Mediterranean“, the delivery—which was supposed to contain the much-needed rosé—was made to an incorrect address by mistake. An extra hour and a half was delayed as a result of this terrible situation.

The consequences were severe because the visitors had explicitly asked for surf and turf for supper, which depended on the lobster showing up. Chef Jono had to quickly change course and use the legs of Alaskan king crab to make delicious crab cakes since he could no longer find lobster.

Late-Night Snacks and Crew Conflict

As the first course was being served, the long-awaited boat carrying the provisions finally arrived. Aesha hoped to open a bottle of red wine and pour it to go with the next course, wanting to satisfy the guests’ desires. But to the dismay of all, the boat left without warning before the crew saw that neither red nor rosé wines had been brought!

Late-Night Snacks and Crew Conflict
Credits: Bravo

Later in “Below Deck Mediterranean”, as the visitors were sipping cocktails and unwinding in the hot tub around 12:30 am, they asked for some late-night munchies. The guests explicitly requested meals like macaroni and cheese, nachos, and grilled cheese, all of which required cooking, which was a task for the second chef, Elena “Ellie” Dubaich.

The pressure became too much for Ellie to handle, and she was caught between Jono’s unwillingness to help and her responsibilities. She vented her fury in a confessional, saying she thought Jono’s self-centred actions were reflecting poorly on her. She tried explaining to Jono what was going on, but he refused to listen and insisted that he was too tired to help.

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In the Season 9 premiere of “Below Deck Mediterranean,” the crew faced a whirlwind of challenges, from provisioning mishaps to laundry woes and late-night snack requests. Despite the setbacks, the crew showed resilience and adaptability in their quest to deliver a remarkable charter experience. With a new crew led by Captain Sandy, this season promises to be exciting and eventful!

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