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It Ends With Us Movie Release Date Confirmed And Everything We Know


It Ends With Us is now finally getting a movie adaptation. It Ends With Us experienced a meteoric rise to popularity during the pandemic, fueled in large part by its emergence as a TikTok sensation. The novel garnered immense attention on the social media platform, with users creating and sharing videos under the hashtag #itendswithus.

It Ends With Us Movie

Colleen Hoover’s success extends beyond the digital realm, as reflected in her impressive book sales. In 2022, her literary prowess translated into the sale of more than 8.6 million print copies of her books, according to Circana Bookscan.

This extraordinary figure underscores Hoover’s standing as one of the most widely read and beloved authors globally. Now let’s talk about the movie adaptation and everything we know about it so far.

What Is It Ends With Us About?

Let’s talk about the novel first. Well, It Ends With Us takes readers on an emotional journey through the life of Lily Bloom, a young woman whose story unfolds in the midst of a complex and challenging relationship with Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon carrying the weight of a troubled past.

The narrative is a roller-coaster of emotions, seamlessly blending elements of romance with profound and thought-provoking themes. Well, we believe the movie will have the same plot.

What Is It Ends With Us About?

Let’s talk about the plot further. At the core of the novel is Lily’s intricate and often tumultuous relationship with Ryle, a character whose complexities and struggles add layers to the narrative.

The author, Colleen Hoover, deftly explores the intricacies of love and the challenges that arise when faced with the complexities of human emotions. The reader is taken on a compelling journey, navigating the highs and lows of Lily and Ryle’s connection.

The emotional resonance of “It Ends With Us” lies not only in its portrayal of romance but also in its exploration of deeper, more significant themes. Colleen Hoover delves into the complexities of personal growth, resilience, and the enduring impact of one’s past. The narrative prompts readers to reflect on the intricacies of relationships, the choices individuals make, and the profound consequences of those choices.

Who Is In The Cast?

In the much-anticipated film adaptation of “It Ends With Us,” the vibrant and talented 36-year-old actress, Blake Lively, known for her role in “Gossip Girl,” takes on the lead role of Lily Bloom. In the novel, Lily, a 23-year-old floral shop owner, becomes entangled in a profound love story with the 30-year-old neurosurgeon, Ryle Kincaid.

Who Is In The Cast?

The directorial reins are in the capable hands of 39-year-old Justin Baldoni, who also steps into the role of Ryle. Baldoni, recognized for his work on and off-screen, brings his creative vision to this emotionally charged narrative. Joining the cast is Brandon Sklenar, known for his role in the “Yellowstone” spinoff “1923,” as Lily’s childhood crush, Atlas Corrigan.

Adding depth to the ensemble, “SNL” alum Jenny Slate takes on the role of Ryle’s sister, Allysa Kincaid. At the same time, the witty and insightful comedian Hasan Minhaj steps into the character of Marshall, Allysa’s husband. The casting choices suggest a dynamic and diverse lineup, promising a captivating portrayal of the intricate relationships depicted in Colleen Hoover’s novel.

What Is The Release Date?

Mark your calendars because the highly anticipated film adaptation of “It Ends With Us” is set to premiere in theatres on June 21. Fans of Colleen Hoover’s emotionally charged novel can finally look forward to seeing the captivating love story of Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid come to life on the big screen.

The countdown to the premiere has begun, promising a cinematic treat that will linger in the hearts of audiences long after the credits roll.


The journey from the pages of Colleen Hoover’s compelling novel, “It Ends With Us,” to the big screen has been nothing short of extraordinary. The carefully curated ensemble, including Brandon Sklenar, Jenny Slate, and Hasan Minhaj, suggests a dynamic and diverse cast that will breathe life into the complex relationships depicted in the novel.

With a release date set for June 21, audiences are on the edge of their seats, anticipating a cinematic experience that will not only do justice to the beloved book but also leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those who embark on this emotional journey.

“It Ends With Us” is poised to be more than a movie; it’s a cultural moment, a celebration of literature’s ability to resonate across mediums and connect with audiences on a profound and universal level.

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