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Kaulitz & Kaulitz Review: Netflix’s Latest Series is Superfluous and Tedious

Kaulitz & Kaulitz

Netflix’s latest series, Kaulitz & Kaulitz dives into the lives of twins and musicians Tom and Bill Kaulitz. Both of them are part of a band called Tokio Hotel, and Tom is married to the beloved Heidi Klum.

We have to admit, that is all you need to know about Tom and Bill, but instead, Netflix decided to release an 8-episode series that takes subscribers on a journey, which wasn’t really needed. So we have to ask Netflix – why?

While Tom and Bill Kaulitz have a decent fan following and some impressive songs, at the end of the day, the series, Kaulitz & Kaulitz focuses more on their relationship with one another, with their mother, with Klum, and also gives a glimpse into their lives in Los Angeles in particular.

There are several other twins we can think of who might have had a more successful run on Netflix, Dylan, and Cole Sprouse to begin with. Nevertheless, here’s our review of Kaulitz & Kaulitz, where we help you decide whether you should stream it or skip it.

There’s Not Much to Look Forward to

When the trailer of Kaulitz & Kaulitz was first released by Netflix, we were a little unsure of how things would pan out in the series, but now that we have watched all eight episodes, we are fairly sure that the streaming platform could have renewed several canceled series (Archive 81, One Day At a Time) instead of putting their money into Kaulitz & Kaulitz.

There's Not Much to Look Forward to
Credit: Netflix

8 episodes of this series that revolved around Bill and Tom Kaulitz felt overwhelmingly long and the urge to skip a few episodes occurred far too frequently. No aspect of this series drew us into it or had us hooked, even for a single episode.

There are many celebrities, some not-so-popular, some underrated, that have had documentaries made on them, and maybe that’s the route Netflix should have taken here – a 90-minute documentary.

Heidi Klum of course played an important part in Kaulitz & Kaulitz, she was often around in her solo interviews, where she spoke more about her marriage, as well as Bill and Tom, and their relationship together.

Klum was the star power in the Netflix series, and beyond that, people who made appearances were friends, family, and band members of the twins, oh, and also, their doctors.

Kaulitz & Kaulitz
Credit: Netflix

Kaulitz & Kaulitz felt almost a little too random if are being completely honest. It was a bunch of footage and interviews simply strung together for hours and hours with no end in sight and with very little purpose.

There was also some drama as it was established that Bill and Tom are both very different from each other, in every way possible.

We are certain Kaulitz & Kaulitz won’t have another season, unless many strings are pulled, and it would be interesting to look at some stats once the series has been on the platform for a week.

At this moment, we wouldn’t recommend streaming the twin show, unless you want something playing in the background, or unless you are a hardcore fan of Tokio Hotel, particularly Bill and Tom.

Bill and Tom
Credit: Netflix


Netflix has endless movies and shows on the platform that deserve a watch, and Kaulitz & Kaulitz has not made it to our list. We would love to know in the comments below what you thought about this series, if you watched all the episodes, or even one for that matter!

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