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Lidia’s Kitchen Season 11 Episode 25: What To Expect?

Lidia's Kitchen Season 11 Episode 25

Lidia’s Kitchen is an American reality television show centered around cooking. It is hosted by Emmy Award winner Lidia Bastianich who is the author of a best-selling cookbook, and television host, and is also into the business of restaurants. Her show has been running successfully for 11 seasons. So far, 24th episodes have aired which are loved by the audiences.

Lidia's Kitchen Season 11 Episode 25
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Ahead of the release of Lidia’s Kitchen Season 11 Episode 25, fans want to know more about this much-awaited episode and when it will be released. Read on if you are a fan of the show.

What Is Lidia’s Kitchen All About?

Lidia’s Kitchen marked the return of Lidia Bastianich on the television screen. It started out in the year 2013 and showcases her coming up with recipes for delicious food items as well as stories from her childhood. The series started out with 26 episodes and was backed by Tavola Productions. The 10th season of the series premiered in October 2022. Its success led to the eventual 11th season which has been airing since October 2023 on PBS.

Throughout the show, we see Lidia come up with various recipes for different dishes. Along with that, she also narrates amazing stories and anecdotes from her life and career.

What To Expect From Lidia’s Kitchen Season 11 Episode 25?

Lidia’s Kitchen Season 11 Episode 25 is titled The Risotto Is On. It will chronicle Lidia trying out Risotto. It will feature Yellow saffron seafood as well as a leek risotto. She will be guiding the audience on replenishing the stock by using whatever one can manage from a freezer available.

What To Expect From Lidia's Kitchen Season 11 Episode 25?
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The dish will also consist of a barley risotto alongside sausage, cabbages, and other items. Overall, the episode has an exciting and popular dish at its center. Lidia will be attempting a seafood in yellow along with adding scallops and shrimp in the Risotto.

People across the globe enjoy this meal which is what makes the series very exciting. Risotto’s involvement in the upcoming episode has made it one of the most awaited in recent times. Since she is an expert in that cuisine, we can expect the dish to turn out amazing.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Lidia’s Kitchen Season 11 Episode 25 is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, March 23rd, 2024 on PBS. The episode is produced by Rob Burgos and its approximate runtime should be around 26 to 27 minutes just like previous episodes.

The previous episode of the show was launched on March 16th, 2024 and so the audiences don’t get to wait much to enjoy their favorite food show with Lidia Bastianich. Lidia’s Kitchen Season 11 is planned to conclude with its 26th episode. It is titled Simply Salads and will premiere on Saturday, March 30th, 2024. The episodes drop on every Saturday on a weekly basis.

More About Lidia Bastianich

Lidia Bastianich is someone who has worn many hats throughout her life. The Italian-American lady is a celebrity chef and owns several wineries and restaurants. She is also a successful author and a popular face on television. Her expertise lies in Italian-American food items and cuisines and has been in public life for more than two decades.

More About Lidia Bastianich
Credits: PBS

Along with her daughter and son, Lidia operates many restaurants that serve Italian cuisine across different locations in the United States of America. This includes chains like Felidia, Eataly, and Lidia’s Kansas City among others. Personally, she was married to Felice Bastianich between the years 1966 and 1998. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards and is also active in a lot of charity work.


Lidia’s Kitchen has a very strong following among the audience who enjoy cooking shows. It is mainly enjoyable because of the charming personality of Lidia Bastianich. She is very comfortable in front of the lens and talks about dishes with ease. Her knowledge of several dishes from many cuisines makes her an interesting personality to watch. Every episode touches upon a new dish that can be enjoyed at home with some accessible things.

The success of Lidia’s Kitchen is evident simply because it’s been airing for the past ten years and continues to play. Fans are now waiting for Lidia’s Kitchen Season 11 Episode 25.

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