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Love is Blind: UK – Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s Upcoming Reality Series

Love is Blind: UK

Love is Blind has become one of the most popular reality series all across the world. So far, there are four countries that have their versions of Love is Blind that follow the same pattern across the board, but have contestants from their nations. US, Japan, Sweden and Brazil are the four locations where Love is Blind has been thriving, and now, the UK has been added to the list, and hype is real!

One of the most anticipated countries for a Love is Blind series of their own was the UK and looks like all the prayers have been answered as the series has been officially announced, and we’re here to tell you all about it. So, stick around until the very end to learn more about Love is Blind: UK, because we are just as excited as you are.

What is the Concept of Love is Blind: UK?

Just like the other countries, Love is Blind: UK will follow the same pattern, aka a dating experiment to see if people can fall in love sight unseen. However, the concept doesn’t just stop at the confession of love but goes way beyond that.

Before the couples meet each other, they have to decide whether they will be engaged, and ready to get married. There are dating pods where multiple men and date multiple women, and ultimately choose one person they want to marry.

Once the couple is engaged, they can finally see each other and begin their journey with a little getaway with other couples who made it out of the pods, after which they are back to their real lives, meeting family members, living together, and facing several hurdles before they stand next to each other at the altar and make the final decision.

The only thing different in Love is Blind: UK will be the locations, accents, and the contestants, but the overall concept of the dating experiment will remain the same.

Hosts and Cast Members of Love is Blind: UK

Since Love is Blind: UK has only just been announced by Netflix, the cast of the reality series is unknown, however, slowly and steadily that will also be revealed to the fans. For all of those wondering about the hosts, we do have a definite answer to that question as they appeared in Netflix’s official announcement of the series.

Hosts and Cast Members of Love is Blind: UK
Credit: YouTube/Netflix

Emma Willis and Matt Willis are set to host Love is Blind: UK and fans couldn’t be more excited about the same. The couple first met in 2004 and have had an exceptional and loving relationship since, with their own set of hardships and fond memories, making them a great pair to host a dating show that focusses purely on finding the man or woman of your dreams.

When and Where Can You Watch Love is Blind: UK?

Fans of the Love is Blind franchise are more than excited to be able to expand their love all the across the pond and they will be able to do so this year itself! Love is Blind: UK is officially set to release in August, when the flowers are blossoming and the heat wave is slowly dissapearing.

Do check our website soon for an exact release date as the buzz around Love is Blind: UK continues to increase day by day.


If you are a fan of the Love is Blind franchise, then Love is Blind: UK will keep you busy in August and we have no doubt about it. Stay tuned for review on the same!

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