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Monkey Man 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far

Monkey Man

“Monkey Man” centres on an unnamed young man who is seeking revenge on dishonest officials who killed his mother and took advantage of the weak. Motivated by the myth of Hanuman, the main character uses remarkable powers to pursue justice. Retribution and social justice themes are interwoven throughout the narrative, emphasising the fight against institutional oppression and the pursuit of empowerment.

The movie has been getting a lot of positive reviews with critics saying it is Dev Patel’s best performance so far. Naturally, fans are now wondering whether there will be a sequel to this incredible movie. Let’s find out.

What Is Monkey Man All About?

“Monkey Man” is about a young guy (Dev Patel) called Kid throughout the movie who, to survive in an underground fight club, must take severe beatings while donning a gorilla mask in exchange for cash.

His deep-seated anger stemming from his early trauma escalates as he finds a way to become part of the city’s corrupt elite. He launches a spiteful crusade against people who wrecked his life, carrying hands that seem to be scarred for unknown reasons.

Motivated by retaliation, the main character launches well-planned assaults against the evil leaders who have caused him pain. The narrative explores issues of justice, resiliency, and the psychological effects of trauma. The protagonist’s dramatic deeds when he faces his tormentors cause the distinction between heroism and retribution to become hazy.

What Is Monkey Man All About?
Credits: Variety

“Monkey Man” draws comparisons between the dedication of the famous Hindu deity Hanuman with elements of urban gritty symbols from mythology. The protagonist’s journey from victim to assailant is vividly shown as the story develops with strong action and emotional depth.

Through this emotional journey, the film tackles issues of unrestrained authority and societal injustices while telling a gripping story of revenge and forgiveness in a darkly beautiful universe.

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What Can The Sequel Be About?

The ending of “Monkey Man” leaves Kid’s destiny somewhat unclear while setting the stage for an interesting follow-up. It implies that Kid might have died quietly after getting his revenge, but it leaves room for more investigation. Kid’s actions against Rana may spark a political firestorm in a possible sequel, making him a great target for revenge from the corrupt politician’s remaining allies.

What Can The Sequel Be About?
Credits: Digital Spy

As Kid turns into a wanted fugitive, the stakes and tension increase as the government may use all of its resources against him. With her release from captivity, Sita might pursue her own course of vengeance, which would change the story’s dynamic. Her pursuit of justice may interconnect with Kid’s path, resulting in parallel storylines of atonement and redemption.

Building on the groundwork established by the first movie, the sequel may explore themes of social corruption, political intrigue, and personal vendettas in greater detail.

Is A Sequel Confirmed?

Not yet. However, the decision to approve a “Monkey Man” sequel is primarily based on how well the film does at the box office as opposed to reviews.

Action sequels have a proven track record of financial success, particularly for films with modest budgets like “Monkey Man”. The choice to proceed with a Dev Patel-directed sequel will be largely influenced by how profitable the original film was.

Is A Sequel Confirmed?
Credits: Universal Pictures

The movie’s commercial success will ultimately decide whether or not it gets a sequel, so we have to wait for some time. Given the foundation set by the first movie and its director’s vision, the likelihood of a sequel and its success looks favourable.


While the possibility of a sequel to “Monkey Man” has not been confirmed yet, there is strong anticipation and speculation among fans and critics alike. The success of the first film at the box office will play a crucial role in determining the fate of a potential sequel.

With the groundwork laid by the original movie and the direction of Dev Patel, the potential for a compelling sequel exploring deeper themes of corruption and redemption remains intriguing. Ultimately, time will tell whether “Monkey Man 2” becomes a reality based on its commercial performance and audience demand.