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Música Review: A Cinematic Symphony of Identity and Creativity


Rudy, a young guy in the romantic comedy “Música,” sees the world through music, where common sounds become colourful symphonies. However, his auditory immersion is disturbing, interfering with his ability to concentrate in class and his relationship with his girlfriend Haley. Fans are wondering whether “Música” is worth watching. So, let’s find out.

Música Review
Credits: Prime Video

Immersive Cinematic Experience in Música

Rudy Mancuso’s “Música” is a moving coming-of-age story about a budding synesthesia artist. Due to this disease, sounds cause him to have strong visual and sensory sensations. He negotiates the intricacies of love, family, and cultural identity in the Brazilian community of New Jersey while facing an uncertain future.

The protagonist examines the relationship between creativity and identity from his perspective, providing a poignant portrait of self-acceptance and self-discovery in the face of adolescence and artistic endeavour.

Immersive Cinematic Experience in Música
Credits: Prime Video

“Música” stands out as an exceptional masterwork in several film genres. It demonstrates the immersive power of cinema with its painstaking attention to detail. Every aspect of the movie, from the elaborately constructed sets to Shane Hurlbut’s dramatic cinematography, adds to its beauty.

The story is given depth by the culturally appropriate clothing design and the seamless integration of Portuguese, while the rhythmic choreography heightens the visual experience. A superb cast and directed by Rudy Mancuso combine to create a stunning long take that skillfully moves between a variety of settings, people, and plots while being amplified by the moving force of music.

“Música” has great music and visuals, but its poor approach to the love triangle makes the movie unsatisfactory. The screenplay had potential at first, but it gets weighed down by its overemphasis on this plotline. A story like “Tick, Tick… Boom!” where the investigation of music’s transformational ability takes centre stage may have been more appealing to viewers.

A more in-depth exploration of the protagonist’s creative process and the distinct way that music manifests in his thoughts would have made for a more engaging and rewarding viewing experience.

Exploring Identity and Creativity

“Música” introduces us to Rudy Mancuso’s unique style by skillfully fusing commonplace things with musical elements, drawing the listener in right away. Mancuso uses visual techniques that emphasise the creative process, working with a skilled group of people that includes art director Gonzalo Cordoba, production designer Patrick Sullivan, cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, and editor Melissa Kent.

A single-take scene that depicts Rudy’s attempt to balance relationships and features precise choreography and fluid camera movements is the most notable technical accomplishment. Despite its remarkable technical achievements, the movie honours tiny creative gestures like short music snippets.

Even while the conclusion might seem vague, it captures the erratic temperament of a young artist full of fresh concepts, leaving viewers in awe.

Exploring Identity and Creativity
Credits: Prime Video

The primary criticism directed towards “Música” is its abrupt conclusion. After taking narrative chances and carefully examining its main themes, overcoming complicated problems suddenly seems unduly hopeful. A more gratifying resolution that would have fit better with the depth of the film’s exploration would have been achieved over an extra ten to fifteen minutes.

The film’s general narrative integrity and willingness to defy traditional storytelling standards are still admirable despite this weakness. Still, viewers will likely want a more intricate and drawn-out end to understand the intricacy of the characters and their journeys properly.


“Música” offers a captivating exploration of identity, creativity, and the complexities of adolescence through the lens of synesthesia. While its meticulous attention to detail and innovative storytelling techniques elevate it to cinematic excellence, the rushed conclusion detracts from its overall impact.

Despite this flaw, Rudy Mancuso’s directorial debut remains a commendable achievement, inviting viewers on a visually stunning and emotionally resonant journey. With its immersive narrative and compelling themes, “Música” stands as a testament to the power of cinema to illuminate the human experience and is surely worth a watch!