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Are We Getting An NCIS New Orleans Season 8? Everything We Know

Gary Glasberg’s acclaimed NCIS franchise has a thrilling spin-off in the form of NCIS New Orleans, a police procedural series that audiences find compelling. The show introduces viewers to a team of committed special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and is set against the vivid background of New Orleans.

NCIS New Orleans Season 8

Investigating numerous criminal cases that are closely related to the US military, the series explores the challenges of law enforcement in a city known for its vibrant past and rich culture.

However, fans have been wondering whether or not they are going to get an eighth season of NCIS New Orleans. If you’re one of them, read on!

Will There Be NCIS New Orleans Season 8?

NCIS New Orleans ended its run without a season 8, leaving fans to say goodbye after seven great seasons. After the show’s seventh-season renewal was announced in May 2020, the adventure concluded.

But it wasn’t until February 2021—during the premiere of Season 7—that information emerged to indicate that this episode would be the show’s last.

Will There Be NCIS New Orleans Season 8?

For viewers who had followed the intriguing exploits of the NCIS team against the colourful backdrop of New Orleans, the decision to stop the show after its seventh season signalled the end of an era.

At the end of the show, viewers certainly experienced some loss, but they also celebrated the legacy of the seven seasons of compelling storytelling, endearing characters, and exciting investigations left behind.

Fans of NCIS New Orleans who cherish the show’s contributions to the NCIS series still feel the show’s influence. Viewers were left with priceless memories of the adored characters and the lasting impression they made on the world of television crime dramas as the last episode’s credits rolled.

What Happened In The End Of Season 7?

On November 8, 2020, the last season of NCIS New Orleans aired on CBS, capturing viewers’ attention with its signature mix of drama and intrigue. Tension reached a breaking point in the suspenseful season 7 finale as Connor struggled with the hard reality of joining his mother Sasha in the Witness Security Programme in the face of growing danger in New Orleans.

Carter found himself in a difficult situation as the team worked to solve the mystery surrounding Jimmy and Connor’s attack. He had to balance his growing feelings for Hannah with the possibility of accepting a lucrative job offer in Japan.

As all of this was going on, Pride and the NCIS team were closing up on a breakthrough that would reveal Stuart Hendricks’ evil hand in what was happening.

What Happened In The End Of Season 7?

But the most startling disclosure was made when Pride confronted Sasha and eventually got the truth out of her mouth. The squad was rocked by Sasha’s shocking admission that he had planned the attack to influence Connor’s choice. Pride was left to deal with the betrayal of a person he had previously trusted.

As NCIS New Orleans came to a close, the group gathered to commemorate Pride and Rita’s happy marriage. Their joy was clouded by grief, however, when Sasha’s unannounced departure cast a shadow over the celebrations. Despite the lingering tension, the squad pulled together, embracing the resilience and unity that characterized them.

Why Did The Show Get Cancelled After All These Years?

Saying goodbye to a beloved series can be tough for fans, but the decision to conclude NCIS New Orleans was ultimately made by the show’s creators. While the specific reasons behind this choice haven’t been publicly disclosed, it’s a common practice in the television industry for shows to wrap up after several seasons.

Why Did The Show Get Cancelled After All These Years?

This allows for new projects and opportunities to emerge, keeping the creative landscape vibrant and dynamic. While it’s natural for fans to feel a sense of loss, it’s also an opportunity to celebrate the legacy of the show and look forward to what the future holds for both its creators and its audience.


The conclusion of NCIS New Orleans after its seventh season marks the end of an era for fans who were captivated by the show’s thrilling narratives and memorable characters. While the decision to end the series may have left viewers with a sense of loss, it also allows for reflection on the legacy it leaves behind.

The show’s cancellation, while disappointing to many, is a common occurrence in the television industry, often paving the way for new creative ventures. As fans bid farewell to NCIS New Orleans, they can cherish the memories of seven seasons filled with compelling storytelling and look forward to what the future holds for the NCIS franchise and its dedicated fanbase.

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