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Speak No Evil: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

Speak No Evil

2024 is the year for horror with some terrifying releases like The First Omen, Tarot, and Cuckoo hitting the big screen. Looks like there might be some tough competition coming through as this year will also see the release of Speak No Evil, directed by James Watkins. Watkins has previously directed movies like The Woman in Black, Eden Lake, and Bastille Day which proves his affinity with the genre and increases the anticipation for Speak No Evil.

Unlike many horror movies, Speak No Evil boasts a star-studded cast, however, there’s plenty more to look forward to, and we’re here to tell you all about it. Make sure you stick around to read everything you need to know about Speak No Evil, from the plot to the cast and much more.

What is the Plot of Speak No Evil?

Speak No Evil is the remake of the 2022 Danish movie with the same title, which we highly recommend watching, however, James Watkins’ version can be watched as a standalone.

The premise of Speak No Evil follows the lives of two families who meet on vacation and get along seemingly well, after which the American couple heads to the countryside after an exciting invite. However, this trip away from home turns into a nightmare not long enough as secrets begin to unravel, and not everyone might be able to escape.

The Cast of Speak No Evil

As aforementioned, unlike many other horror movies which have niche cast members who are specifically known for working in this particular genre, Speak No Evil has a star-studded cast. James McAvoy, best known for his roles in movies like Split and X-Men: First Class, will take the lead in Speak No Evil, and playing the role of his wife is Aisling Franciosi.

The Cast of Speak No Evil
Credit: Universal Pictures

Also joining the cast of Speak No Evil are Mackenzie Davis, Alix West Lefler, Dan Hough, and Scoot McNairy. As it appears, this horror thriller has a limited cast of six people, but that is more than enough to carry the entire plot forward.

When and Where Can You Watch Speak No Evil?

Although Speak No Evil now has an official trailer, the release date for the upcoming horror thriller is still a few months away, which means you will have to wait a little longer before for James McAvoy to haunt your nightmares.

When and Where Can You Watch Speak No Evil?
Credit: Universal Pictures

The official release date of Speak No Evil is September 13, and this movie will be exclusively available only in theaters.


It truly is time for all the horror fans to gather around for the release of Speak No Evil, because it could just be one of the best horror movies of 2024, and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Do let us know in the comments if you will be heading to the theatres to watch it!