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Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Exploring the Depths

Star Trek: Discovery

Episode two of “Star Trek: Discovery” season 5, which aired as part of the double episode debut, is now available exclusively on Paramount Plus. The remaining 10 episodes of this highly anticipated science fiction spin-off’s fifth and final season will air weekly.

Since its 2017 debut, the series has acquired a devoted following and received positive reviews. Now that the second episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” is out, let’s find out if it’s worth the watch.

Captain Burnham’s Vital Mission in Star Trek: Discovery

“Under the Twin Moons,” the second episode of “Star Trek: Discovery”, shows Captain Burnham and her group on a vital quest to find a fabled galactic treasure on an abandoned planet. In light of crew member Rayner’s careless actions, Burnham is facing a tribunal as tensions inside Starfleet increase.

Burnham acknowledges that she disagrees with Rayner, even if she is reluctant to abandon him, further complicating matters inside Starfleet.

Captain Burnham's Vital Mission in Star Trek: Discovery
Credits: Paramount+

As Book and Grudge get used to their temporary quarters on Discovery, Captain Burnham shows them some kindness in the middle of the mission’s gravity by giving them a holographic mouse toy. Book gives credit for his help with the Dark Matter Anomaly refugees and expresses relief that Admiral Vance hasn’t imprisoned him once more.

While acknowledging Vance’s sincere gratitude for Book’s efforts, Burnham highlights the significance of the mission—namely, revealing the Progenitor’s concealed strength on Lyrek.

Further in “Star Trek: Discovery”, on a tip from Dr. Vellek’s notebook, she gives Book the assignment to look into Moll and L’ak’s dealings with the late synth dealer, Fred. Dr Culber will concurrently examine the couriers’ psychological profiles in case they come across them on Lyrek.

During the briefing, Burnham informs Saru that this mission will be his last for some time, which makes Book laugh about “Action Saru” being stuck behind a desk. Book smiles when Burnham playfully hands her the mouse toy controller, highlighting their friendship.

Ancient Temples, Mysterious Clues, and Personal Revelations

Further in “Star Trek: Discovery” Burnham and Saru tread carefully to the planet’s surface, where they discover a surprisingly attractive but dangerous environment—the grave robbers’ remnants serve as proof. Saru considers Burnham’s remarkable transition from rebel to renowned Starfleet captain, appreciating her development into a role model for leadership.

They come across an old temple during their exploration, and it triggers lethal defence mechanisms. Rayner helps Tilly and Adira Tal decipher etched lettering while providing important hints. Saru demonstrates his fearsome talents by deftly neutralising the assaulting robots with his special Kelpien physiology.

Ancient Temples, Mysterious Clues, and Personal Revelations
Credits: Paramount+

Meanwhile in “Star Trek: Discovery“, Book makes touch with L’ak and Moll, who tease him, proving that they are aware of the importance of the Romulan diaries. Their brief exchange raises questions about ulterior motives and significant stakes in the undertaking.

Amidst the difficulties, Burnham tells Saru that she knows he is going to leave Starfleet to take up a diplomatic position close to his lover, T’Rina. This introspective realisation highlights how heartbreaking their last assignment together is.

Burnham and Saru manage both external threats and internal issues as tensions rise and mysteries deepen, with each step leading them closer to discovering the secrets concealed within the ancient temple and the elusive Progenitor’s power.

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How Did The Episode End?

Burnham and Saru retrieve a piece from the vandalised obelisk, realising it is a piece of a greater puzzle that is essential to understanding the Progenitors’ legacy as they deal with the fallout from Moll and L’ak’s intervention on the planet. Adira’s understanding links the hints to Trill and suggests where their journey will lead them next. The Discovery changes direction in an attempt to land the next piece of the puzzle on Trill.

How Did The Episode End?
Credits: Paramount+

As everything is going on in “Star Trek: Discovery”, Rayner faces a harsh tribunal ruling that could result in his early retirement from Starfleet and expulsion from the Antares.

After learning of Saru’s formal resignation as First Officer, Burnham extends an invitation to Rayner to take up the position, seeing in him a potential redemption similar to her own. Burnham’s devotion to her crew and faith in second chances are evident in this gesture.

In other places, Book becomes more determined to find the last known survivor from Kwejian and to learn more about his master after learning about Moll’s background. Discovery’s crew must navigate complex human dynamics and solve ancient mysteries in addition to dealing with shifting alliances and entwined personal agendas.

In the face of these difficulties, Burnham’s leadership develops under the direction of her unflinching dedication to the welfare of her crew and the search for cosmic truth.


The episode’s blend of high-stakes adventure and intimate character moments underscores the series’ enduring appeal to dedicated fans and newcomers alike. With the promise of uncovering the Progenitor’s power and resolving interpersonal conflicts, “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 5 continues to captivate with its exploration of the final frontier and the complexities of the human spirit.