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The Atypical Family Episode 5 Preview, Release Date And More

The Atypical Family Episode 4 Preview

The Atypical Family has become a successful South Korean TV show in a short span of time. The series is in the fantasy romance genre and also has superheroes at the forefront as protagonists. The unique storyline of the series has made it a very successful series lately.

The Atypical Family Episode 5 Preview
Credit: Netflix

The Atypical Family Episode 5 will be happening soon and it has quite a lot of buzz around it. Fans of the series are really waiting for this episode and are looking into its preview and many important aspects. Read on to find out.

What Is The Atypical Family All About?

The Atypical Family was created by Kang Eun-kyung and Gleline. It has been developed by Park Joon-seo while Joo Hwa-mi and Jo Hyun-taek are the writer and director respectively. It is about a family of people who have superpowers but have been losing them due to many diseases.

Bok Gwi-ju (played by Jang Ki-yong) can go back in time but he has depression after his wife died which has affected his superpowers. He also has a daughter named Bok In-a (played by Park So-yi). His life changes after Do Da-hae (played by Chun Woo-hee), a woman with mystery surrounding her, comes into his life.

The executive producers of the series are Park Bum-soo, Jung Seung-soon, Kim Joon-hyun and Hwang Bo-sangmi. The Atypical Family premiered on May 4th, 2024.

What Happened In The Atypical Family Episode 4?

The Atypical Family Episode 4 showcases Bok Gwi-ju being taken to a secret library section by his father Eom Soon-gu (played by Oh Man-seok). It has records of all of their ancestors as well as the superpowers they possessed. Gwi-ju realizes that superpowers can be brought back if the right person enters their life. He is reminded of Do Da-hae and if she is the catalyst for him.

What Happened In The Atypical Family Episode 4?
Credits: But Why Tho?

Meanwhile, Bok Dong-hee doesn’t trust Da-hae and believes she is putting something sleep-inducing pills in the tea. Later, Da-hae has some plans regarding the certificate of marriage. Gwi-ju is slowly having feelings for her and he wants to save her.

He uses his superpowers to travel to the sauna. He reaches the point where Dong-hee flying in the air is witnessed by Da-Hae. A no-shadow version of him saves her when she slips. At present, Da-hae gives him a marriage certificate and says that his future self gave it to her.

What To Expect From The Atypical Family Episode 5?

The Atypical Family Episode 5 will have the effects of what we saw in the previous episode. The prior episode ended with Da-hae and Gwi-ju sharing a kiss. This means that he is also falling in love with her and they will take things forward. Since there is still mystery around her motive, we can expect this episode to unveil some of that.

So there is still a chance that she might pose as a danger since a part of her past life is known to Gwi-ju. Bok In-a is someone who has no superpowers. However, she is trying to make her telepathy work. We also saw a library of family history of the Boks. The Atypical Family Episode 5 can further showcase what happened to the earlier members.

This can help Gwi-ju and others gain access to the powers they have had. Dong-hee is also an interesting character who has several things going on. The upcoming episode can also focus on her life. Overall, the relationship between Da-hae and Gwi-ju can go further if she has nice intentions. Otherwise, things can go very wrong for him.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Atypical Family Episode 5 will drop on Saturday, May 18th, 2024 on JTBC which is a South Korean channel. The episodes are available on Netflix for people from other countries. Its duration will be the same as other episodes which is around an hour long.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: Ready Steady Cut


The Atypical Family has a refreshing storyline involving people with superpowers. This makes it different from other K-dramas that are high on melodrama. Fans have enjoyed it and they are looking forward to The Atypical Family Episode 5. This episode will show us more about the Bok family and their secrets.