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The Voice Season 25 Episode 21 Recap: Powerhouse And The Winner Is Out

The Voice Season 25 Episode 21 Recap

The latest episode of the reality singing show The Voice revealed who was the favorite of the audiences and emerged as the winner of this season. The episode was studded with so many stars and it mesmerized the viewers with some really good performances.

The Voice Season 25 Episode 21 Recap
Credits: NBC

It was also a moment of celebration for everyone as the much-loved singing reality show completed 25 years mark. All the artists were at the top when they went on stage and hypnotized everyone with their vocals. Let’s find out what else happened in The Voice Season 25 Episode 21.

Chart Busting Performances Delivered

The Voice Season 25 Episode 21 marked the conclusion of this season which started on February 26th, 2024 on NBC. It showcases a barrage of talented singers who were picked from different parts of the United States to showcase the prowess they have in their vocals.

Chart Busting Performances Delivered
Credits: NBC

The episode featured singers who had qualified in the prior episode. These include Josh Sanders (who is on the team of Reba), Karen Waldrup (Team Dan + Shay), Nathan Chester (Team John Legend), Bryan Olesen (Team Legend), and Asher HaVon (Team Reba). We got a beautiful reminder of all the amazing coaches the show has seen over the years in multiple seasons.

The first performance was given by Thomas Rhett who rocked the stage with the song Beautiful as You. This left all the audience members hooked on his melodies. It was followed by the act of Muni Long who picked her single called Made for Me.

Asher HaVon Emerges As The Winner

The Voice Season 25 Episode 21 also saw members of Dan + Shay and Karen’s team having a chat regarding all the special moments all of them shared with each other. This worked as a nice moment of reflection for all the members.

Later, we saw Bryan talking about John Legend and sharing how much the coach has shaped his singing and overall personality. The duo then did a version of Feeling Good and it was a special moment for Bryan especially.

Asher HaVon Emerges As The Winner
Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Afterward, audiences were delighted with the singing of The Black Keys who picked the track called Beautiful People. Just as the tradition of the episode, Reba was thanked by Josh for her guidance as well as support. Back to God was picked by them to perform on stage.

The next artist to shake the stage was Lainey Wilson who chose Hang Tight Honey to display the strength of her vocals. Her performance clearly impressed Reba who invited her to come to the Grand Ole Opry which is a big deal.

Kate Hudson also made a guest appearance on the special episode and sang Glorious which was a song from her debut album. The episode also showcased Niall Horan, who is a coach of the Champion, taking the moment to introduce a girl named Gina Miles. She had won with him and the coach was on the video call for the finale.

The last duet consisting of a coach and a singer on stage was Nathan who was accompanied by John Legend. The duo ate a cheesecake brought by John which he had promised in the prior episode of the show. They opted for When a Man Loves a Woman. Jelly Roll was the last solo performer of The Voice Season 25 Episode 21. He sang I Am Not Okay which was a single he had created.

Eventually, the results were announced and Karen came fifth. It was followed by Nathan who came fourth and Bryan was third. The winner of this season was Asher HaVon.

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The Voice Season 25 Episode 21 showcased the winner of this season and the finale was as explosive as a finale can get. It was filled with some really strong and electrifying performances from different singers. All the coaches also accompanied and delivered performances with their artists which was enjoyable to watch.

Asher HaVon had been very consistent with the quality of their performance throughout this season. They would take the feedback of the panelists and work on them. This worked in favor and Asher emerged victorious in this season which was really fulfilling to watch.

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