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Tires Review: Shane Gillis’ Workplace-Comedy Lands on Netflix…and Tries Too Hard

Tires Review

There is no doubt that Shane Gillis is a brilliant comedian who has no filter. That is also the best way to describe his style of comedy which has worked wonders for him in front of a live audience, or on a podcast.

Gillis has gained immense popularity and a dedicated fan-following over the last few years, and now he has landed on a streaming platform, only this time, it isn’t for a comedy special. Albeit, was that the best decision?

Tires is the latest workplace comedy which you can now stream on Netflix. It has 6 episodes, and they all range from somewhere between 18 to 22 minutes, giving it that perfect sitcom feel. But how much can Tires really accomplish in a matter of 6 episodes?

In this review, we will dive a little deeper into what worked versus what didn’t work when it came to Gillis’ latest comedy series, and hopefully, that will help you decide whether you should stream it or skip it.

Shane Gillis Might Want to Stick to Stand-Up Comedy

Shane Gillis and Steven Gerben play the role of cousins, Shane and Will in Netflix’s latest series. This series takes place in an auto shop that has been facing failure and has been handed down to Will from his father. Now, Will must do whatever it takes to help increase the profits, even after they accidentally ordered endless numbers of tires. Hence, the title…maybe?

Anyway, Tires focuses a lot on Will and Shane’s brotherhood, which doesn’t really exist to begin with, because Shane is the big bad bully when it comes to Tires as a whole, and his only target is Will.

Shane Gillis Might Want to Stick to Stand-Up Comedy
Credit: Netflix

Shane is a one-dimensional character, he doesn’t really care about a lot, he likes doing absolutely nothing at work, and he is best at making crass jokes and gestures at the expense of just about everyone and everything.

The pilot episode of Tires shows some promise, however, despite that there isn’t much to look forward to in the rest of the episodes. At several points, Tires tries too hard to be like The Office, which has been one of the more successful workplace comedies, but fails to do so, time and again.

Tires Review
Credit: Netflix

In fact, apart from a few politically incorrect jokes and gestures, Tires is entirely different from The Office, or any other workplace comedy you might have come across.

As a series, Tires doesn’t have a lot to offer other than the fact that it is short. It has 6 episodes, none of them even touch the 30-minute mark, and that makes it a perfect background watch. You can put Tires in the background and do your household chores and in your peripheral vision, you might see one of Gillis’ many gestures in the series.

Credit: Netflix


If you have the time to stream Tires, we would recommend playing it in the background and doing something a little more productive with your time. Interestingly enough, Tires has been renewed for another season, so it is only a matter of time before we see if Tires Season 2 will do a better job than the first!

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