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Walker Season 5: Is It Cancelled? Everything We Know So Far

Walker Season 5

Walker has been running for years and has been winning the hearts of viewers. A reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger (which had Chuck Norris), the series touched the contemporary western genre. It began on January 21st, 2021, its fourth season started on April 3rd this year.

Walker Season 4 Episode 10: Preview
Credits: The CW

It is a creation of Anna Fricke who is also the executive producer with Jessica Yu, Dan Lin, Jared Padalecki, and Lindsey Liberatore. As the finale of the fourth season is nearing, fans are wondering about Walker Season 5.

What Is Walker All About?

Walker is about Cordell Walker who comes back home to Austin after being undercover on a case that lasted for two years. The widower has a daughter and as a ranger in Texas, he realizes that a lot of work is needed in the town. As the show moves, we see him working on different cases and ensuring that law and order are intact in his hometown.

The final episode of the series is slated to be released on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 on The CW. Anna Fricke has written and directed the finale. We can speculate about the next season once the finale is out.

Is Walker Season 5 Happening?

Sadly, Walker Season 5 is not happening because CW canceled in May even before the finale was released. This might be because of the low viewership of the show since channels generally stop commissioning the next season for this reason. The audiences as well as critics have also not liked the show since the first season started.

Critics felt that Walker had a nice source material to fall into but it does not deliver. These factors might have prompted CW to not further drag this show if viewers weren’t interested.

Is Walker Season 5 Happening?
Credits: CW

What To Expect From It?

Walker Season 5 has been canceled by the channel before the finale could be released and this has shocked every viewer who was watching it. So speculation is all we can do since it’s not happening in the future. But if magically CW decides to renew it someday, we can expect the story to again focus on Cordell Walker who is the protagonist. We will see him how he tackles the case of Jackal who has consumed him for a while.

His team will also support him on this mission. The season will also showcase Walker and other rangers and officers working on a different case this time in Austin. Meanwhile, Cordell’s relationship with his daughter Stella Walker should be also in focus. We will also see more into his romantic life and if he continues to live alone as a widower.

Overall, if Walker Season 5 takes place there are many possibilities and plotlines as well as character subplots that the makers can explore. However, we can hope that CW might change their decision and the next season is issued very soon. This would make fans of the original Walker, Texas Ranger very happy.

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Who Will Be In The Cast?

Walker Season 5 might retain the same actors from the earlier seasons who have been headlining the show. This includes Jared Padalecki (playing Cordell Walker), Molly Hagan (Abeline Walker aka Abby), Keegan Allen (Liam Walker), Violet Brinson (Stella Walker), Kale Culley (August Walker), Coby Bell (Larry Samuel James), Jeff Pierre (Trey Barnett), Mitch Pileggi (Bonham Walker), Odette Annable (Geraldine Broussard aka Geri) and Ashley Reyes (Cassie Perez) among others.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Collider

Some recurring cast members might also show up in the next season if the story has their demand. We can also expect Walker Season 5 to have new actors if new characters are introduced. Since The CW has canceled it, there is no question about the release date of the fifth season.


Walker had a very intriguing premise and characters that were very interesting to root. Their reference show was also well received and they could take good elements from it. However, the makers did not encash on any of that. Hence, The CW is not letting Walker Season 5 happen because of the mixed response.

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