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We Were The Lucky Ones Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

We Were The Lucky Ones Season 2

We Were The Lucky Ones told a story from a very grim chapter of our history. Erica Lipez is the developer and showrunner of this historical drama that is based on the eponymous novel penned by Georgia Hunter. Based on the true accounts of Hunter’s family, it depicts the life of a Polish Jewish family during and after World War II.

The series started on March 28th and concluded on May 2, 2024. Since then, there has been much buzz for We Were The Lucky Ones Season 2. People want to know if this Hulu series is returning for the second time.

We Were The Lucky Ones Season 2
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What Happened At The End of We Were The Lucky Ones?

The final episode of We Were The Lucky Ones was called Rio and it was released on May 2nd, 2024. Erica Lipez wrote the episode while Thomas Kail was the director. The episode showcases Halina Kurc (played by Joey King) as she is still inside a jail and is struggling to convince the guards of the cell that she is not from the Jewish faith.

Luckily, time passes and we see her coming out of jail. Her story gets a nice arc as she finally meets Adam Eichenwald (played by Sam Woolf) who is her lover. This gives a bit of hope in this grim holocaust story.

What Happened At The End of We Were The Lucky Ones?
Credits: Hulu

In the year 1945, all the surviving members of the Kurc family are trying to have a life that is normal. The episode’s title comes to the front as Addy Kurc (Logan Lerman) is in Rio where he is residing with his ladylove.

All these people realize that Germany is defeated and the war has ended. The episode ends in 1947 where Addy enjoys a dinner with his family as they think about the members they have lost. This episode has a very heavy tone which is consistent with the show. The ending is emotional and despite the reunion of the family, has a lot of sadness in the background.

Will There Be Another Season?

Hulu has not revealed their plans for We Were The Lucky Ones Season 2 and it was made as a miniseries. The finale episode of the show featured the Kurcs family finally having an emotional reunion after years of struggling and hiding for survival.

Since the ending was very conclusive and completed the journey of every member, it’s unlikely that the show will return for a second season. The makers have also covered everything that was mentioned in its source material book. Most times a miniseries ends with its maiden season.

What To Expect From It?

While there is no sight of We Were The Lucky Ones Season 2, we can speculate what it will offer if the show happens. The second season can pick from the first season and the story might focus on yet another family of the Jewish faith that was wrecked by the Nazis before and during World War II. Since the Kurcs story is complete, a fresh storyline of another family that went through much in that time.

What To Expect From It?
Credits: Variety

We can speculate every season of We Were The Lucky Ones is centered on another storyline based around the war and the wrath spread by Adolf Hitler. We Were The Lucky Ones Season 2 can have a very different cast of actors if the makers decide to tell a new story. The first season had the death of some prominent characters while the rest survived. In a new storyline, it’s unlikely that we will get to see the Kurcs family.


We Were The Lucky Ones is the tale of what it was like being a Jew when Hitler’s Nazis went full-on against this religion. The series is based on real stories and centers on one family that is scattered across the globe because of the war. It is made with a good intention and the execution is really fine. Without resorting to melodrama, the makers tell an important story of really dark times.

Fans really want to see We Were The Lucky Ones Season 2 happening and they will be waiting for it. We should keep our hopes high and see if it happens.