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You Can’t Run Forever: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and All You Need to Know

You Can't Run Forever

Directed by Michelle Schumacher, You Can’t Run Forever follows the story of a man on a murderous streak through the woods, and the trailer for this upcoming thriller will make you want to watch your back at all times. The title, You Can’t Run Forever, stays true to the premise of the movie, and we’re here to tell you all about it ahead of the release.

You Can’t Run Forever boasts a talented cast paired with a shocking plot, and that’s more what one could ask for when it comes to thriller movies. So, keep reading this article and make sure you stick around until the very end to learn everything you need to about You Can’t Run Forever, from the plot the cast, and more.

What is the Plot of You Can’t Run Forever?

The premise of You Can’t Run Forever follows the life of Wade, who is on a murderous rampage after an unknown trigger. As Wade makes his way to his targets, he lands on a young girl, Miranda.

This young girl is already facing some of the worst days of her life, and now, she is also being chased by a serial killer through the woods. Miranda has called 911, she has met people in the woods, and she has been running for her life, yet somehow Wade seems closer than ever.

The official trailer of You Can’t Run Forever will make you gasp as Wade is showcased as one of the most brutal serial killers of all time, who will shoot anyone who gets in the way of him and his target. So, make sure you watch the trailer before the movie!

The Cast of You Can’t Run Forever

Playing the role of Wade, aka the serial killer in You Can’t Run Forever is none other than J.K Simmons. Simmons has appeared in several movies and TV shows, best known for his work in Whiplash, Juno, La La Land, and Night Sky.

Joining him in You Can’t Run Forever is Allen Leech, whom you might recognize from Too Good To Be True and Downton Abbey.

The Cast of You Can't Run Forever
Credit: YouTube/Lionsgate Movies

You Can’t Run Forever has several other brilliant actors and actresses like Fernanda Urrejola, Isabelle Anaya, and Nathan Vincenti.

When and Where Can You Watch You Can’t Run Forever?

The countdown for You Can’t Run Forever has officially begun and all those eagerly waiting for this thriller won’t have to wait too long. The official release date of You Can’t Run Forever is May 17. This movie will be available in select theaters, and also on demand, and on digital, all on the same date, so make sure you mark your calendars.

When and Where Can You Watch You Can't Run Forever?
Credit: YouTube/Lionsgate Movies


The more you know about You Can’t Run Forever, the more scary this movie gets, and to experience it in the best way possible, you will have to make your way to the theater! Do let us know in the comments if you’re just as excited as us about You Can’t Run Forever.