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5 TV Shows To Watch If You Liked And Enjoyed Hacks

5 TV Shows To Watch If You Liked And Enjoyed Hacks

Hacks has been a much-loved show and has clicked with viewers for its humor and the rapport shared between its two characters. Ever since the third season of this Max series has concluded, viewers have been looking into similar types of content and shows to watch.

5 TV Shows To Watch If You Liked And Enjoyed Hacks
Credits: Vulture

So, here we will take a look into shows that deal with similar genres, or similar kinds of setups that can be enjoyed by the same set of audiences. So just buckle up and continue reading if you have been also looking for such a list.

5 TV Shows Like Hacks

Loot (2022 – Present)

Loot stars Maya Rudolph in the lead role as Maya Wells who was married to a billionaire. However, her life was like a trophy wife until she divorced him and she ended up getting $87 billion. This makes her very rich and her priorities in life change.

She then starts working on her Wells Foundation, which is a charitable organization. Loot has all the great things to offer, great performances, sharp humor, and well-rounded episodes.

Loot (2022 - Present)
Credits: Apple TV+

Crashing (2016)

Crashing was a short-lived comedy show from Britain that was created, written, and starred Phoebe Waller-Bridge. This was before her popularity exploded with Fleabag and it beautifully showcased how her massive success was coming.

The series only has six episodes and it showcases a bunch of people living in a hospital that is not being used. We witness their everyday issues and the comedy in them. Crashing has the signature Waller-Bridge humor that has become her style now. It’s really hard to miss.

Crashing (2016)
Credits: Netflix

Barry (2018-2023)

Barry has been the co-creation of Bill Hader who stars as an assassin who enrolls in an acting class. The series is very funny and equally chilling at times when the mood changes. Hader delivers a performance that is equal parts comical and dangerous. The finale of the series is very iconic and you cannot guess it even from miles. You should be enjoying Barry if you are into shows like Hacks.

Barry (2018-2023)
Credits: Esquire

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Palm Royale (2024 – Present)

Palm Royale is taken from Mr. & Mrs. American Pie which is a novel that was released in 2018. Abe Sylvia created this series and it takes place in 1969. It focuses on Maxine Dellacorte-Simmons as she tries to fit into the high society and what it leads to for her. Kristen Wiig stars in the lead and delivers a gold performance to enjoy. The series remains funny throughout and is also a commentary on all of us. It became popular in a short time.

Palm Royale (2024 - Present)
Credits: USA Today

BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)

Bojack Horseman is a very iconic show in the realm of adult animation in both television and streaming space. The series is the creation of Raphael Bob-Waksberg and follows a horse who is anthropomorphic. His name is the title of the show and it’s voiced by Will Arnett.

The character used to be famous on television in the 1990s and is now basking in that same glory trying to find work and relevance in Hollywood.

BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)
Credits: Netflix

No one can expect an animated series to go this deep, but Bojack Horseman goes very deep and touches upon issues like mental health and abuse, etc. However, the makers make sure the humorous quotient never dies down and viewers are entertained.

This series is a trip to a different world and a mirror that we don’t want to face. Do give it a watch on Netflix if you are tired of regular comedy shows since this will make you laugh and force you to think about things as well.


We have mentioned five really good shows all in the same space as Hacks. They are of different moods and vibes but are similar in a way. You should give them a try if you have been able to thoroughly enjoy Hacks. All these shows will surely engage and uplift you in their different ways.

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