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High Hopes: Release Date, All You Need to Know About Hulu’s Upcoming Reality Series

High Hopes

Hulu has had a successful year so far, and we’re only in April. Speaking of April, Hulu has something very unique and exciting in store for its viewers, that might just blow your mind. It is time to put aside anything and everything you know about reality series as a genre, because High Hopes, executive produced by none other than Jimmy Kimmel, is nothing like you’ve seen before.

In the briefest way possible, High Hopes, as the title suggests is a reality series about a cannabis dispensary, which is one of the oldest in Hollywood. If that shocked you a little, make sure you stick around till the very end to learn everything you need to know about High Hopes, from the premise to the release date and much more.

What is High Hopes All About?

Hulu’s upcoming reality series follows the life and legacy of one the oldest cannabis dispensaries in Hollywood, aka MMD. High Hopes is a workplace documentary, but a little different from what one might expect, as it follows the business and how it attempts to reach new heights with an evergrowing consumer base along with several loyal customers.

What is High Hopes All About?

It will be up to the viewers to figure out whether or not the MMD crew is stoned during the filming of this series, which will be filled with hijinks one might have never seen on a streaming platform before.

The Cast of High Hopes

High Hopes is a creative mix of a docuseries as well as a reality series, which also means that you won’t witness any Hollywood A-listers, but one glimpse at the trailer released by Hulu, you will release this series doesn’t need any celebrities to be successful.

Since High Hopes is set around MMD, the most famous cannabis store in Hollywood, it will feature the owners, workers, and some customers who have been around the store.

High Hopes is a real story about real people, and you will get to witness them and their stories in the upcoming series, plenty of whom you can spot in the trailer mentioned above.

When and Where Can You Watch High Hopes?

Sticking to the theme of the series, High Hopes has set a premiere date that will garner a laugh and plenty of attention. The upcoming reality series on Hulu is set to release on April 20, 2024, aka 4.20, as expressed in the trailer.

When and Where Can You Watch High Hopes?

High Hopes will be exclusively available to stream on Hulu, and all episodes will drop on the very same day, making it the perfect binge.


By the looks of it, High Hopes is a fun and breezy, that definitely stands out from anything that has been released on Hulu so far. It will be an interesting change of trajectory from the crime shows and rom-coms that you are used to! Do let us know in the comments whether or not you’ll be watching High Hopes!