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Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 5: What To Expect?

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 5

Alert: Missing Persons Unit is an American television series that deals with the themes of crime drama and police procedures. It is created by actor Jamie Foxx alongside John Eisendrath. The first season dropped on Fox in January 2023 and became a success. It returned with a second season which has been airing currently.

After the episodes of the fourth episode, people are really geared to know about Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 5. Continue reading if you want to delve into its preview, release date, etc.

What Is Alert: Missing Persons Unit?

Alert: Missing Persons Unit revolves around two people working in the Missing Persons Unit in the police department of Philadelphia. They are Nikki Batista (played by Dania Ramirez) who is the captain of the department and Jason Grant (Scott Caan). The two were earlier married and also had a son together. While the main storyline focuses on them trying to solve crimes, another plot revolves around their pursuit to find out about their son who went missing.

The first season of Alert: Missing Persons Unit premiered on January 8th, 2023 on Fox and had ten episodes in total. Its final episode aired on February 27th, 2023. Shortly afterward, a second season was commissioned by the makers. It premiered on March 5th, 2024.

What Happened In Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 4?

The fourth episode of Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 was released on March 26th, 2024 and it was written by Sean Hennen. It was called Maya and it opens with two homeless people who are in their teens. One of them, Maya, gets abducted. Jason and Mike Sherman the sergeant (Ryan Broussard) start questioning people to find the girl. Meanwhile, Hollis Braun hints that the team will have to work without Jason.

What Happened In Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 4?
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Maya is threatened by Richard who also prepares to kill her but luckily Jason and Mike arrive and shoot him. The parents of Maya pick Kemi up from the school which she doesn’t like. She opens up that the cops saved her but her family could not. Towards the end, we see a chat taking place between Mike and Nikki where they talk about Hollis. She also goes out to meet Jay and tells him about the bomb.

What To Expect From Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 5?

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 5 is given the name of Ms. Patty. A 30-second promo of the episode has been released to give a short peek into what one can expect from it. The promo starts off with a gun pointed out at a lady followed by Nikki giving her word to a grieving parent of a person. It is followed by many intriguing shots from the episode involving guns and actions.

The episode will focus on a person who goes missing since it’s the main format of MPU. We will also see Jason asking for help from Wayne in the case of a bombing inside a car. Meanwhile, the plot of Mike and Nikki will also get the focus since he feels like she is hiding something from him.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 5 is slated to drop on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024 on Fox at 9 pm (ET). The episodes are available to watch on Hulu the next day of its television release. People can enjoy them on the streaming if they miss it on TV. Danielle Iman is the writer of this upcoming episode. The second season of the show will have around six episodes but there is no confirmation.


Alert: Missing Persons Unit is enjoyed by fans who like to see shows based on cops cracking different cases. This one specifically focuses on the cases involving the disappearance of people. All the characters in the series including the cops and the regular characters are very well written.

It also showcases a very sharp depiction of how cops go after such cases which makes it a worth watching experience. Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episode 5 will tackle another case that will continue to engage everyone.

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