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Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Episode 5 Review & Recap: A Journey Through Discovery’s Intriguing Twists

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Episode 5 Review & Recap

“Mirrors,” the most recent episode of Star Trek: Discovery’s last season, features Captain Burnham and Book travelling through interstellar space in search of hints left behind by Moll and L’ak. Under Jen McGowan’s direction and with writing by Johanna Lee and Carlos Cisco, the Discovery team deals with the fallout from destroying the Krenim Time Bug.

In this riveting episode of the adored science fiction series, tensions increase and the chase heats up as the season approaches its halfway point. Let’s see what all happened in the episode so far.

The Unsettling Atmosphere of Interstellar Space in Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery furthers its exploration of the unknown with “Mirrors,” which explores the mysterious world of interstellar space. There is an eerie atmosphere that is even more menacing by the debris and the impending arrival of the ISS Enterprise.

This atmosphere is expertly enhanced by the visual effects, which pull viewers farther into the unsettling setting. The suspense is increased by Burnham and Book’s separation from the Discovery, which heightens the episode’s sense of desolation and loneliness.

“Mirrors” is not without its shortcomings, despite its advantages. Even while the images are striking, some viewers could find the story to be tedious, especially in the adversaries’ constant game of cat and mouse.

Star Trek: Discovery
Credits: Paramount+

But the episode’s climax adds a new layer of mystery, teasing an exciting second part of the season as the Discovery team gets closer to learning more about the Progenitor’s technology. There are levels of drama added by the battle-scarred Enterprise and the dramatic confrontation in sickbay, which makes viewers anxious for the next episode.

“Mirrors” is an important chapter in Discovery’s ongoing exploration of the difficulties of interstellar space and the search for truth. It sets the stage for an exciting conclusion to the Star Trek: Discovery final season. The episode reinforces Star Trek’s lasting capacity to engage fans with its investigation of the cosmos and the human condition with its blend of suspense, magnificent vistas, and narrative twists.

Missed Opportunities: The Underutilized Breen Twist

The discovery that the Terran Enterprise is present in interdimensional space raises several fascinating problems that add intriguing mysteries to the canon of Star Trek. An already intricate story of Star Trek: Discovery is further enhanced by fans’ speculation on the events leading up to the Terrans’ journey to our universe and what became of Mirror Universe Saru.

Suspense regarding the date of the Enterprise’s arrival and the possible crossover of refugees are stoked by the mysterious presence of the ship, abandoned in the middle of interdimensional space, which begs to be investigated.

But in the middle of all these fascinating discoveries, the main surprise of the episode—that L’ak is a Breen—falls a little flat. Although the debut of the Breen feels overshadowed by the romantic plotline between L’ak and Moll, the Breen is an intriguing species with a deep backstory from The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

Missed Opportunities: The Underutilized Breen Twist
Credits: Paramount+

This twist appears underutilised and misses opportunities to capitalise on the mystery and intrigue that the Breen species possesses, although providing a means of exploring Breen culture.

Although the Breen twist and the Terran Enterprise disclosure have different narrative effects, both add to the growing complexity of Discovery’s story universe. Viewers continue to have high hopes for more investigation into these fascinating plots as Star Trek: Discovery goes on since they could contribute to a deeper comprehension of the Star Trek: Discovery universe and all of its residents.

Longing for Character Development: Balancing Romance and Plot

In Star Trek: Discovery, the main plot point revolves around Moll’s illegal activities with Dilithium for the Breen and her developing romantic relationship with L’ak. Despite lacking a clear explanation, L’ak’s separation from his royal ancestry as a result of his differences gives him more depth as a character. Their relationship develops through flirtation and reckless deliveries, which finally lead to their capture and the prospect of being sought after by lethal opponents.

The episode, meantime, provides a moving examination of Burnham and Book’s relationship, emphasising their tactical and emotional synergy. Their relationship endures despite previous setbacks, as evidenced by tender moments and mutual sensitivity. Their continued separation, meanwhile, seems forced, especially in light of the clear narrative thrust towards their reconciliation.

Longing for Character Development: Balancing Romance and Plot
Credits: Paramount+

But in the middle of these storylines, there’s a feeling of something left unsaid. The possibility for a more thorough examination of other important characters, such as Tilly, Stamets, Culber, and Saru, who deal with substantial life changes and emotional growth, is overshadowed by the heavy focus on Moll and L’ak’s romance and personal issues. The audience is disappointed by the lack of significant growth for these adored characters and feels that Moll’s story is given too little screen time.

While there may be outside influences like the unexpected final season of Star Trek: Discovery status that contributes to this imbalance, the episode ultimately fails to fully realise the promise of its characters, leaving viewers wanting more in-depth character development and meaningful storytelling.

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“Mirrors” offers a mixed bag of intriguing revelations and missed opportunities in the latest instalment of Star Trek: Discovery’s final season. While the exploration of interstellar space and the presence of the Terran Enterprise adds layers of mystery, the Breen twist feels underutilized. The focus on Moll and L’ak’s romance overshadows potential character development for other key figures.

Despite its flaws, the episode sets the stage for an exciting conclusion to Discovery’s journey, leaving viewers eager for more in-depth storytelling in the episodes to come.