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All The Queen’s Men Season 4: Is It Confirmed? Everything We Know So Far

All The Queen’s Men portrays Eva Marcille as the strong businesswoman Marilyn “Madam” DeVille, a well-known nightclub owner in Atlanta, and transports viewers to her vibrant world.

It also features Eden, which is tucked away in the centre of the city’s nightlife and is well-known for its roster of alluring male exotic dancers who draw large audiences every night.

Now that the series has three successful seasons, fans are wondering when the fourth season of All The Queen’s Men will be released. If you’re one of them, read on.

What Can Fans Expect From The Upcoming Season?

Fans can make some deductions from the previous season’s events even if All The Queen’s Men season 4’s plot is still unknown. By the conclusion of season 3, Madam’s main adversary, Vera Green (Jill Scott), has been vanquished, making it appear as though Madam may continue to grow her economic empire.

Madam’s triumph is, nevertheless, clouded by personal difficulties as she struggles with her admission of alcoholism and her promise to get help. Viewers can expect to see Madam’s continuous battles to stay sober in the face of the alcohol-fueled nightlife scene as the show moves into its fourth season.

All The Queen’s Men Season 4
Credits: BET+

Madam’s journey promises to be an engrossing examination of ambition, resiliency, and the high stakes of success in Atlanta’s beautiful yet dangerous world of nightlife business against the backdrop of ruthless competition and personal problems.

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Who Will Be Returning To The Cast Of All The Queen’s Men?

The fourth season of All The Queen’s Men is highly anticipated by fans, who want to see several of their favourite characters from season 3 return. Eva Marcille, who plays the tenacious Madam DeVille and leads the main cast, is a lock to win over viewers with her strong presence and unwavering drive.

Who Will Be Returning To The Cast Of All The Queen's Men?
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Alongside her are anticipated to make a comeback Skyh Black as the devoted and endearing Amp “Addiction” Anthony, Candace Maxwell as the astute DJ Dime, Racquel Palmer as the mysterious Blue, and Michael Bolwaire as the unwavering Doc.

It’s also expected that Jeremy Williams, who plays the enigmatic Midnight, Christian Keyes, who plays the clever Raphael “The Concierge” Damascus, Dion Rome, who plays the fiery El Fuego, and Keith Swift, who plays the stylish Babyface, will return. Oshea Russell as the trustworthy Tommy, Kiki Haynes as the driven Detective Davis, and Carter the Body as the fearsome Trouble complete the ensemble.

Do We Have A Release Date?

All The Queen’s Men fans are excited about the prospect of a fourth season, although the show’s status as a renewal is still unknown. So, we don’t have a date for you to mark your calendars with.

Even though season 3 didn’t end on a conventional cliffhanger, Eva Marcille’s Madam DeVille is a compelling character who could use further development. Being a strong figure in the spotlight, Madam’s journey is far from finished, opening up a lot of possibilities for a possible fourth season.

The possibilities are unlimited, whether it is going deeper into Madam’s difficulties and victories, overcoming new obstacles in her goal for expansion, or introducing new rivals and conflicts.

All The Queen’s Men can keep up its captivating story and captivate audiences with its complex storytelling, which is a tantalising prospect as viewers impatiently await word on the show’s destiny.

A Little Recap Of Previous Season For The Viewers

Madam embarked on a determined mission to track down the nurse who had been responsible for her father’s care, grappling with shocking revelations about his treatment.

Meanwhile, Trouble and Champ found themselves in a tight spot when they discovered that the money they had stolen had mysteriously vanished, forcing them to confront the repercussions of their past actions.

A Little Recap Of Previous Season For The Viewers
Credits: BET+

The funeral for Madam’s father was a sombre affair amidst the chaos, and The Concierge ensured his respects were paid in a manner that left Madam and her guests in disbelief. In another scene, El Fuego intervened to assist Big D, employing his trademark flare and cunning to navigate a tight spot.

With tensions running high and secrets unravelling, each character was forced to confront the fallout from their decisions, leading to unexpected alliances and dramatic disclosures in the turbulent world of All The Queen’s Men.


As anticipation mounts for a potential fourth season of All The Queen’s Men, fans are eagerly awaiting news of the show’s renewal. With its compelling characters, intricate storytelling, and high-stakes drama, the series has captured the hearts of viewers across its three successful seasons.

As we await confirmation of the show’s future, the possibilities for Madam DeVille and her ensemble cast are endless, promising continued excitement and intrigue in the vibrant world of Atlanta’s nightlife. 1

Whether delving deeper into personal struggles or navigating new challenges, All The Queen’s Men remains a captivating and tantalizing prospect for audiences everywhere.

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