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The Big Door Prize Season 3: Is It Renewed?

The Big Door Prize season 3

The Big Door Prize has been making viewers laugh since its first season started in March last year. This David West Read-created comedy series has a humor that is very relatable and that’s what makes it a fun watch. The second season of this show premiered on April 24th, 2024, and is still ongoing.

The Big Door Prize Season 3
Credits: Apple TV+

Right after the second season started, there has been a buzz around The Big Door Prize Season 3. So the question of whether it has been renewed or not is still lingering. Keep reading to find out its answer.

What Is The Big Door Prize All About?

The Big Door Prize is adapted from the eponymous book penned by M.O. Walsh. The story is set in a small town where a machine becomes the high point of its residents. What’s unique is that it tends to tell what the potential of a person is whoever comes in contact with it. The main character of this series is Dusty (played by Chris O’Dowd).

The executive producers of the show include David West Read, Dana Goldberg, David Ellison, Miky Lee, Hyun Park, and Bill Bost. The first season dropped on March 29th, 2023 on Apple TV and concluded on May 17th. The Big Door Prize Season 2 happened on April 24th, 2024, and it’s still on-air.

What Happened At The End of The Big Door Prize Season 2?

The End of The Big Door Prize Season 2 has not happened yet as the show is still going on. Its finale will premiere on June 19th, 2024. The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 3 was released on April 24th. It showcases Trina finally coming to terms with her visions and an event gives her a life lesson that is very important.

What Happened At The End of The Big Door Prize Season 2?
Credits: Apple TV+

Principal Pat also makes an effort to do something about the Morpho which is leading to many students dropping classes. A meeting takes place and some decision is made. Later, Alice and Dusty have a conversation about quality while they are on their way home. In the end, a very emotional scene takes place where Beau expresses the desire to not be left alone. The upcoming episodes will address all the plot points.

Is The Big Door Prize Season 3 Happening?

Apple TV+ has not announced any news regarding The Big Door Prize Season 3. This might be because the second season is still far from over. So the makers might want to evaluate the viewership of this season before giving a go-ahead to the upcoming season. Since the storyline, which mixes science fiction with comedy, has many possibilities, there is a high chance that The Big Door Prize Season 3 will happen.

We can expect the continuation of the story of the magical machine and how it affects the lives of people around it whoever comes in touch with it. The book it’s based on has many plotlines. So the makers might pick anything from it. Or they might opt to give an original spin to these characters.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Since nothing has been confirmed yet, we can only speculate about the cast of The Big Door Prize Season 3. It should star the main cast of the show including Chris O’Dowd (reprising the role of Dusty), Gabrielle Dennis (Cass), Patrick Kerr (Mr. Johnson), and Damon Gupton (Father Reuben) as well as Josh Segarra (Giorgio).

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Yahoo

Apart from them, some supporting actors will also mark a return in the third season. The makers can also have some new faces in the upcoming season as the plot will take new turns which will be explored by the viewers if it happens.


The Big Door Prize has a very unique plot that is sprinkled with the elements of science fiction and a humor that is weird. The characters in the series are very likable and have some traits that are worth following.

Even before the second season is over, audiences are looking forward to The Big Door Prize Season 3 which will take the story forward. We will have to wait and see how the second season unfolds and concludes to realize the fate of the third season.