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American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 9 Preview, Release Date And More

AHS Delicate

American Horror Story: Delicate is another exciting season of the popular horror series American Horror Story. It started in late 2023 and has been continuing in two parts. So far, the eight episodes of this acclaimed season has met with a lot of love from its hardcore audience base.

American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 9 Preview
Credits: FX Network

American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 9 is the latest episode about which people are really curious. The suspense offered in every episode has excited the viewers for this episode as well and they are eager to find out what they can expect.

What Is American Horror Story: Delicate All About?

American Horror Story: Delicate is the 12th season of American Horror Story which is an anthology series dealing with the horror genre. It is adapted from the 2023 book Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentine, becoming the first ever season of this show to be based on an existing work.

It tells the story of Anna Victoria Alcott (played by Emma Roberts) who works an actress. She gets paranoid and has a staunch belief that someone is a hurdle in her getting pregnant. As the story progresses, Anna goes more delusional until it turns out to be true.

The series also stars Kim Kardashian playing the role of the publicist of Anna named, Siobhan Corbyn. While Siobhan tries to guide her, she has her own demons and secrets to hide. American Horror Story: Delicate has been split into two smaller parts.

The first one premiered on September 20th, 2023 and the second one started on April 3rd, 2024. Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy are the creators of this show as well as the executive producers along with many other names.

What Happened In American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 8?

American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 8 is named Little Gold Man and it aired on April 17th, 2024. Halley Feiffer was the writer while Jennifer Lynch directed the episode. It starts in 1967 when Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow’s marriage is falling apart due to Frank’s displeasure with her doing Rosemary’s Baby. Siobhan meets Farraw in the dressing are right after she had visions where her child was a demon.

What Happened In American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 8?
Credits: TVLine

The story then comes back to the present when Anna is attending the funeral of Virginia. Preecher shows up and tells everyone that Virigina was actually killed, leading to the security throwing her out. Anna stays with Viriginia in the hospital after following her.

We also realize that Dex was a cheater and was thrown out because of this. Anna gets an Oscar and goes to the stage for her speech. However, before she could say something, the water of Anna breaks.

What To Expect From American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 9?

American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 9 is called The Auteur; John J. Gray and Halley Feiffer are its director and writer respectively. The episode will start after the shocking ending of the previous one in which a water-breaking thing happened on stage during Oscar night. A 29-second-long promo of the episode shows Anna screaming inside an ambulance.

One health worker yells, ‘what did you do?’ This is followed by Anna’s scream. Later she finds herself surrounded by many women dressed in a devilish black outfit with horns. One of them is Cara Delevingne (playing Ivy Ehrenreich) who has been following Anna.

We also see Siobhan who says she is ‘so much worse’ than a monster. American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 9 is the final episode of this season so a lot of thrills is expected from it.

Do We Have A Release Date?

American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 9 is going to be released on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 on FX at 11 pm ET. The episode will be also available on Hulu. In Ireland and UK, people can watch the show on Disney Plus. The season will conclude with its 9th episode so its duration will be longer than usual and it will be filled with a lot of scare and thrills.


American Horror Story: Delicate touches upon themes like paranoia, parenthood and other things and blends them with horror. American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 9 is the finale which means it’s simply unaffordable to miss it.

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