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American Rust: Broken Justice Review: A Series Struggling to Rise Above Its Flaws

American Rust: Broken Justice

“American Rust: Broken Justice” centres on Police Chief Del Harris and takes place in a Pennsylvania Rust Belt community. In an attempt to protect his beloved son from impending murder charges, he forges a treacherous path that involves sacrifice, justice, and loyalty.

American Rust: Broken Justice Review
Credits: Prime Video

Now that all ten episodes are out, viewers are wondering if the series is worth their time. If you’re one of them, you’re at the right place because we are here to share our views on “American Rust: Broken Justice”

The Flaws of American Rust: Broken Justice

The lives of Del Harris, Grace Poe, and Billy Poe are revisited in the second season of “American Rust: Broken Justice” on Prime Video following the gunfight in West Virginia. After moving to Pittsburgh, the show keeps up its realistic depiction of moral complexity and individual redemption.

The weight of past actions continues to haunt the protagonists as the conventional beats of a police drama are employed to solve the major murder investigation. Chief Harris struggles with his sense of morality, and Grace, Billy, and Isaac face their roles in earlier catastrophes.

The first season casts a long shadow, influencing the characters’ relationships and goals as they move through a dangerous and dishonest environment. “American Rust: Broken Justice” is a gripping examination of guilt, loyalty, and the search for forgiveness in a world of broken aspirations and broken promises, set against a backdrop of blurred borders between justice and retribution.

The Flaws of American Rust: Broken Justice
Credits: Prime Video

“American Rust: Broken Justice” finds it difficult to overcome the flaws of its predecessor. Season 1’s plodding pace and undeveloped characters hinder the show’s ability to hold the attention of a devoted audience.

To grasp the story of Season 2, newcomers must put up with the shortcomings of Season 1, which runs the danger of alienating them. The short screen time for important characters like Jeff takes away from the whole experience, even though Maura Tierney is excellent as Grace Poe.

The supporting cast members’ performances are average, and the murder narrative is uninteresting. Even with a shocking conclusion, the idea of another season doesn’t guarantee satisfaction.

The story lacks substance and seems generic, with little focus on the two central characters whose chemistry is overpowered by the episodic storytelling. We were left wondering whether “American Rust: Broken Justice” has what it takes to go beyond its predictable premise and into future chapters.

Falling Short of Expectations

Despite its promising premise, “American Rust: Broken Justice” struggles to rise above the flaws of its debut season. “American Rust: Broken Justice” fails to make a compelling case for a second season. While their portrayals offer moments of depth and authenticity, the series as a whole falls short in delivering a gripping narrative that warrants continued investment.

Falling Short of Expectations
Credits: Prime Video

Furthermore, the series struggles to provide a convincing reason for viewers to endure another round of bleak storytelling. While the performances of Daniels and Tierney may stand out, they alone are not enough to salvage a narrative that feels stagnant and uninspired.

The series doesn’t offer a convincing argument for further exploration of its grim narrative. Despite the talent of its leads, the show’s lacklustre execution and stagnant storyline suggest that a potential continuation would likely yield more of the same uninspired storytelling. With little to entice viewers and no indication of improvement, it’s advisable to skip this series and seek out more engaging alternatives.


With little to offer in terms of innovation or improvement in “American Rust: Broken Justice”, it’s difficult to recommend investing time in a potential continuation of this uninspired narrative. With a stagnant storyline, uninteresting murder narrative, and average supporting cast performances, the show falls short of captivating viewers. For those seeking gripping and thought-provoking television, it’s advisable to look elsewhere for more rewarding viewing experiences.

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