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Sugar Episode 7 Review: Apple TV+ Series Raises More Questions

Sugar Episode 7 Review

The previous episode of Sugar on Apple TV+ had an extremely shocking ending which could have been a hallucination, however, Sugar Episode 7 has indeed confirmed it was reality. Admittedly, the most recent episode of this drama series has left us feeling more confused than ever, despite several question marks being raised earlier.

There’s something about Sugar as a series, which only makes it more complex as each episode goes by, and frankly, it isn’t the most flattering thing ever.

Sugar Episode 7 has some answers for the viewers on the alien front, and the Olivia Siegel front, who important plot point of the series. However, in addition to feeling confused, this episode has also left us feeling more disinterested in the plot than ever before. As we talk more about Sugar Episode 7, we would love to know your thoughts on the same in the comments below!

What’s Going on With John Sugar?

At this point, the best-case scenario for this Apple TV+ series might just be John Sugar abandoning his convoluted life and running away with Melanie instead. But of course, things can’t really be that simple in Sugar, which brings us to Sugar Episode 7.

Sugar Episode 7 begins with a scene between Ruby and Miller, the latter being Ruby and John’s “boss.” In this scene, Ruby is working with a typewriter-like device, however, it is evident that this thing is a lot more complicated, and not an object that belongs to Earth.

For a large chunk of the episode, Miller is hot on John’s trail, while John and Melaine are on the run…once again, and it is revealed that John has some big secrets, and as much as he wants to tell Melaine, he can’t. Once again, the series would do wonders if John and Melaine just…eloped.

What's Going on With John Sugar?
Credit: Apple TV+

Nevertheless, a lot is happening in Sugar Episode 7, one of the main scenes in this episode takes place when John finally reaches a spot where Ruby and all his fellow associates are gathered, and it is finally confirmed that they don’t belong to Earth and were sent here for a mission. However, now it’s time for them to go back.

John has grown more attached to Earth compared to his fellow aliens, and one of his main focuses was Olivie Siegel and her case. Speaking of which, Sugar Episode 7 also had a brief funeral for Davy Siegel, which barely added to the story apart from some closure.

Sugar Episode 7 Review
Credit: Apple TV+

Finally, some answers about Olivia’s disappearance are connected to Senator Pavich and his son. 35 minutes wasn’t enough for Sugar Episode 7 because the ending felt squeezed in when it could have been a whole episode altogether.


Sugar Episode 7 ends on a cliffhanger, and while this series has started answering some questions on one hand, on the other, it has begun raising new ones. Hopefully, more will be revealed in the next episode on Apple TV+.