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Anthracite: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More


Lately, French movies and TV series have witnessed a boost in popularity and ratings, which means more of them will continue to be available worldwide. Right now, our focus is on Anthracite, an upcoming French TV series that will make you question every little detail and character is this thriller moves forward, and we’re here to tell you everything we know about it so far.

The official release date of Anthracite isn’t too far away, so this might be the perfect time to get familiar with everything you need to know. Make sure you stick around till the end of the article to know more about the plot, cast, and release date of Anthracite.

What is the Plot of Anthracite?

The premise of Anthracite revolves around the disappearance of a reporter, which leads his daughter to try and investigate the missing, but things are a lot more complicated than they might seem on the surface.

During this, an old case also opens up, and as a can of worms is spilled open, things begin to get sinister are more people are dragged in after the protagonist ends up in a small haunted town riddled with far too many secrets.

The official trailer of Anthracite will give you some idea of what you can expect from the mini-series, especially when it comes to just how scary and complicated the events are.

The Cast of Anthracite

If you’re a seasoned viewer when it comes to French movies and TV shows, then the cast of Anthracite might seem familiar to you. If not, there are still plenty of talented people to look forward to, who might just draw you towards French content.

Some of the cast members who will be a part of Anthracite are Camille Lou, a French singer, best known for her work in projects like Pourris Gates, Women at War, and The Bonfire of Destiny.

The Cast of Anthracite
Credit: YouTube/Netflix France

Joining Lou in the cast of Anthracite are Jean-Marc Barr, Kad Merad, Stefano Cassetti, and Raphaël Ferret. In the official trailer, you can catch a glimpse of them all and their talented performances ahead of the release.

When and Where Can You Watch Anthracite?

The wait for Anthracite has ended as this upcoming French thriller series is right around the corner, and we’re just as excited as you are. Anthracite will be able to stream exclusively on Netflix from April 10, 2024. We highly recommend setting an alarm for this release and making sure your Netflix subscription is up to date!

When and Where Can You Watch Anthracite?
Credit: YouTube/Netflix France


If French content, in general, excites you, then we highly recommend watching Anthracite, however, if you’re still not convinced, make sure you keep a look out for a review of the same following the release of this mini-series.

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