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Buying London: Everything You Need to Know Aout Netflix’s Upcoming Real Estate Series

Buying London

One of the biggest markets in the world right now, and certainly the fanciest too, is the real estate market, and Netflix has managed to nuzzle its way into a very interesting part of it. If you have previously watched the two seasons of Buying Beverly Hills, then you might know what’s exactly in store for you when it comes to Netflix’s latest series, Buying London.

There are far too many differences between the US and the UK, but when it comes to luxury homes, these two locations might just blend in a little, and Buying London will be evidence of that. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about Netflix’s upcoming reality series, which dives into the world of real estate in London, so make sure you stick around until the end.

What is Buying London All About?

Buying London will follow luxury estate agent Daniel Daggers and his team as they continue to sell expensive luxury homes to some of the biggest people in London. Daggers has a very unique personality, which shines through in an exclusive clip of Buying London, released by Netflix.

Daggers gives a little brief about his previous work experience and just how much he has sold during his career and continues to do the same.

This real estate series seems like it might be a little less drama as compared to its American counterpart, Buying Beverly Hills, and a little more real estate, but only time will tell. So far, the weight of the reality series rests on Daggers, who seems more than confident and jolly to carry it on and show the viewers some of the most beautiful and expensive homes in London, and the behind-the-scenes of selling them.

The Cast of Buying London

As aforementioned, the key element of Buying London is the man the series revolves around, who will also be the main cast member, aka Daniel Daggers, from DDRE Global. However, he won’t be the only one.

The Cast of Buying London
Credit: YouTube/Netflix

This series will also showcase his team at work, and there is a possibility that viewers might also catch a glimpse of his family and friends who help drive his work forward. of course, there will also be several buyers and potential homeowners who will make an appearence in Buying London.

When and Where Can You Watch Netflix?

Netflix is home to several real estate reality shows, and that’s exactly where you will be able to watch Buying London and the gorgeous homes and real estate drama.

When and Where Can You Watch Netflix?
Credit: YouTube/Netflix

So if you haven’t renewed your subscription, now might be the time to do so! Buying London is officially set to drop on Netflix in May, and although there isn’t an exact date just yet, we will make sure this section is updated when the date drops!


If you like looking at beautiful homes and have an interest in real estate, then Buying London is right up your alley. Make sure you come back to our website when the series releases and we can let you know whether you should stream it or skip it!

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