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Apple TV’s Palm Royale Episode 5 Preview

Palm Royale Episode 5

The first four episodes of Apple TV+’s Palm Royale are now officially streaming and there’s more than just a lot going on in these episodes. Palm Royale had a strong start with some great introductions to the characters, setting, and plot, but as the series has progressed, the number of subplots has led to somewhat of a mess, which one can only hope will be fixed in the future episodes, espcially Palm Royale Episode 5.

Next in line is Palm Royale Episode 5 and we’re here to give you a little preview of the upcoming episode on Apple TV+, so if you haven’t caught up with the series just yet, now might be the perfect time. Keep reading this article until the very end to learn everything you need to know about Palm Royale Episode 5.

What Happened in Palm Royale Episode 4?

Before we dive into what the viewers can expect from Palm Royale Episode 5, a little recap to catch everyone up on what’s happened so far might help, especially considering just how much has happened.

Kristen Wiig and Ricky Martin gave some stellar performances in Palm Royale Episode 4, which was one of the best parts of the episode too. The episode primarily focussed on Maxine’s efforts at Norma’s estate and fortune, and lo and behold, she does succeed this time around, even though it comes at a price.

What Happened in Palm Royale Episode 4?
Credit: Apple TV+

We won’t spoil too much of Palm Royale Episode 4 for you, but let’s just say between making rounds at the courthouse and putting her case forward while throwing someone else under the bus, Maxine has her hands on a conservatorship as far as Norma has concerned, which has in turn also made her Norma’s caretaker.

What Can You Expect From Palm Royale Episode 5?

The remaining episodes of Apple TV+’s Palm Royale definitely as several loose ends up to tie up, and our guess is they will start doing so from Palm Royale Episode 5, since more than half the season has been completed. The upcoming episode of Palm Royale, aka “Maxine Shakes the Tree,” focuses on Maxine’s attempt to unearth information which could potentially end her marriage.

While the majority of the focus of Palm Royale Episode 5 will remain on Maxine, the other residents of Palm Beach will also come to play, and hopefully have a more solid and important role in the upcoming episode.

What is the Release Date of Palm Royale Episode 5?

After a 3-episode premiere of Palm Royale on Apple TV+, the streaming platform resorted to its usual pattern of weekly episodes for the series. Palm Royale Episode 5 will officially be available to watch on April 3, 2024.


So far, Palm Royale has been filled with some top-notch acting, paired with stunning costumes and a fun-packed bunch of characters, and hopefully, along with this, there will be some answers in Palm Royale Episode 5, but only time will tell!

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