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Below Deck Season 11 Episode 12 Recap: Tensions, Romance, and Culinary Challenges

Below Deck

The most recent “Below Deck” Season 11 episode, “Bit of an Ick,” puts the crew’s tip in jeopardy as Chef Anthony struggles to satisfy his guests. Dylan, meanwhile, expresses his dissatisfaction to fellow crew members over his position as Lead Deckhand. A new relationship also begins to grow on the St. David, which adds mystery to the high seas lifestyle. Let’s see what all happened in the episode.

Romance on the High Seas: Barbie and Kyle’s Developing Relationship in Below Deck

In the most recent episode of “Below Deck,” Barbie gets herself into a sticky situation when she insists that visitors order lobster and grilled cheese after business hours. She tries making sandwiches since she feels uncomfortable, but the drunken guests make fun of her attempts. Barbie, frustrated, asks Kyle for assistance, which results in hilarious cooking mishaps. They succeed in pleasing the guests despite their difficulties.

Later, after the turbulent night, Barbie and Kyle take a minute to themselves outside. Barbie acknowledges that her feelings for Kyle are developing, but she’s not sure how to express them. Barbie’s passion piques Kyle’s curiosity, and he returns the favour.

Barbie and Kyle's Developing Relationship in Below Deck
Credits: BravoTV

With their different yet complementary characteristics, viewers see a growing attraction between Barbie and Kyle. Barbie, struggling with her feelings, admits that their flirtation was both exciting and unsettling. Barbie’s enthusiasm intrigues Kyle, who can’t help but be drawn to her.

As the episode progresses, tensions among the crew members as well as with the visitors increase, indicating more drama and surprising connections on board the St. David.

Carmen’s Complaint

Recently on “Below Deck,” when Carmen, the main guest, expresses unhappiness about the lack of pork substitutes in the eggs benedict dish, tensions rise during breakfast. Carmen is most upset with Paris, the stewardess because she tells Chef Anthony about the guest’s dietary limitation.

Chef Anthony reveals that he looked locally but was unable to get either duck bacon or turkey to meet Carmen’s requirements. During the lunch, Anthony apologises to Carmen for the oversight and highlights the difficulties in obtaining some ingredients in the Caribbean.

Carmen’s Complaint
Credits: BravoTV

As Carmen politely accepts the apology, the instant tension is released. Nonetheless, the event emphasises how crucial it is to plan and communicate clearly to accommodate guests’ dietary needs and preferences.

The conversation highlights how difficult it is to accommodate a wide range of dietary needs and tastes in the charter sector, where chefs like Anthony must find innovative ways to make do with limited ingredients in “Below Deck”. The success of the charter and the crew’s interactions with demanding passengers like Carmen will surely depend on how well the crew handles these obstacles as the show progresses.

Crew Conflicts: Dylan’s Discontent and Ben’s Concerns

In this week’s episode of “Below Deck,” Dylan, one of the deckhands, and Ben, the Bosun, get more tense due to Dylan’s remarks on Sunny, who was given the position of Lead Deckhand. Ben approaches Dylan about reports that Dylan implied Sunny got the job because of their romantic relationship.

Dylan downplays his comments during their chat, saying he only expressed scepticism regarding Sunny’s expertise in comparison to his own. Ben, on the other hand, seems to be implying that Dylan’s remarks were insulting and predicated on incorrect information regarding Sunny’s credentials. Ben highlights that attitude and boat expertise were just as important in the decision-making process as experience.

Crew Conflicts: Dylan's Discontent and Ben's Concerns
Credits: BravoTV

Ben is uncertain about Dylan’s sincerity despite his attempts at an apology. Ben tells Dylan that the situation should be resolved and begs him to go forward. However, Ben’s last words allude to possible future disputes within the crew dynamics and imply that Dylan would find it difficult to let go of his complaints.

The episode of “Below Deck,” highlights the difficulties of upholding professionalism and respect in the face of romantic entanglements and divergent views on job roles by exposing underlying tensions and interpersonal dynamics within the team.

How Does The Episode End?

Chef Anthony is having trouble managing his time and preparing meals that match up to the expectations of the guests in the most recent episode of “Below Deck,” which is causing a lot of tension. Anthony doesn’t prepare the boat well enough, which causes delays and discontent among the crew and guests alike for the seaside steak and lobster picnic which turns into a logistical nightmare.

Chief Steward Fraser is annoyed that he has to deal with Chef Anthony’s performance problems all the time and worries that this will affect the crew’s gratuity. As a result of constant service and culinary disasters, Captain Kerry raises the possibility of crew replacements, further dividing the group.

How Does The Episode End?
Credits: BravoTV

Captain Kerry confronts the crew’s worries during the tip meeting, stressing the value of accommodating guests’ wishes and upholding a high calibre of service. Regarding their contributions to the charter’s inadequacies, Fraser and Chef Anthony are subject to scathing criticism.

Later in “Below Deck”, romantic tensions among crew members simmer. Amid the turmoil on the yacht, Barbie finds herself pulled to Kyle’s carefree enthusiasm and support, even as she struggles with her personal needs and family ideals.

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The latest episode of “Below Deck” reveals escalating tensions and challenges within the crew, notably revolving around Chef Anthony’s performance issues and interpersonal dynamics among the crew members.

Meanwhile, budding romances add intrigue to the mix, showcasing personal growth and evolving relationships amidst the high-pressure environment of luxury yacht chartering. As the season unfolds, viewers can anticipate further drama, revelations, and unexpected connections aboard the St. David.