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Parish Episode 4 Recap: Gray’s Dilemma and Rose’s Resolve


In the fourth episode of Parish, Anton takes on a major role that has a big impact on Gray and the other characters. His presence adds more challenges to Gray’s attempts to break away from the gang. With the introduction of Anton as a primary enemy in this crucial episode, Parish’s plot gains complexity and intensity. Let’s see what all happened in the latest episode of Parish.

Anton’s Menace: The Catalyst for Conflict in Parish

In Parish Episode 4, a surprise visit from Anton to Gray’s house results in a terrifying order for Gray to take out Horse, who has become more powerful while Anton is away. Anton makes a threatening and obvious demand while Gray’s family is being held captive. Gray, dubbed the “Impimpi,” had previously collaborated with Anton’s men on an operation aimed at Horse.

Gray reluctantly complies to keep his family safe, making plans to deal with any backlash by calling Colin and driving to Horse’s location. But Zenzo accuses Gray of treachery when he gets to Horse’s office, saying they’ve found the mole who carried out the previous ambush. Zenzo is being questioned more and more as Gray shifts the blame, tells a story of loyalty, and emphasises how he once saved Horse’s life.

Anton's Menace: The Catalyst for Conflict in Parish
Credits: AMC Networks

In the meantime, Horse orders his men to eliminate Anton’s threat as soon as possible since he is enraged about his son’s attempted murder. Zenzo uses violence against Anton’s accomplice in an attempt to get information, which causes the tension to rise. In a plot twist masterminded by Anton, the associate accuses Colin rather than Gray, which prompts Gray to make a last-ditch effort to warn Colin in private.

Back at Gray’s house, Rose considers making a risky getaway or confronting Anton’s men as she grows more concerned for her daughter’s safety. When a police car pulls up, tensions mount. Rose takes advantage of the situation and renders Anton’s men helpless to protect her daughter.

Gray’s Dilemma

In Parish Episode 4, complicated themes of loyalty, treachery, and Gray’s moral conflict are explored as he forges a perilous road to keep his family safe. A tangible sense of urgency and terror is created by Anton’s manipulation and threats, forcing Gray to face his past and make peace with the risky ramifications of his previous friendships.

The elaborate plot of the episode exposes Gray’s world’s high stakes and Anton’s complex network of lies. Tension builds to a climax as Rose acts independently to protect her family, laying the groundwork for a violent altercation between opposing forces in Parish.

Gray's Dilemma
Credits: AMC Networks

As Parish Episode 4 comes to an end, Gracian confronts Colin and Horse, brandishing a machete and lamenting the disruption brought about by outside powers.

This is when things get tense. By placing the blade against Horse’s neck in a symbolic motion, Gracian is expressing his independence and his refusal to submit to outside influence. Horse is forced by his actions to reevaluate both the power structures in their world and his situation.

How Does The Episode End?

Meanwhile, Rose kills Anton’s men and goes into hiding at Gracian’s house in a bold move to protect herself and Michaela. Her quick thinking and resourcefulness show that she is determined to protect her family from the chaos Anton’s frightening presence is causing.

How Does The Episode End?
Credits: AMC Networks

Horse and Anton’s relationship changes radically when Horse confronts Anton head-on and challenges him to act decisively rather than continuing to threaten him inadvertently. Horse’s sudden disobedience to Anton marks a turning point in their relationship and raises the possibility of unexpected developments in later episodes.

Ultimately, Parish Episode 4 concludes with significant character developments and narrative shifts, setting the stage for compelling future episodes that explore themes of agency, loyalty, and the enduring quest for personal autonomy amidst external pressures and looming threats.

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Parish Episode 4 delivers intense developments, exposing Gray’s intricate web of loyalties and conflicts under Anton’s menacing presence. As Gracian’s bold gesture challenges Horse and Anton’s power dynamics shift, the narrative builds toward a crescendo of uncertainty and tension.

With Rose’s decisive actions reflecting a determination to safeguard her family, Parish sets the stage for further intrigue and transformative character arcs. The episode promises compelling future narratives exploring themes of autonomy and loyalty amidst escalating threats.

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