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Below Deck Season 11 Episode 16 Recap: Ben’s Annoying Behavior Creates Troubles

Below Deck Season 11 Episode 16 Recap

In the latest “Below Deck” episode, “Salt in Chef’s Wounds,” drama rises as Ben gets frustrated with Captain Kerry’s constant mistakes, wishing he’d relax for the final charter. The group works hard to finish off the season strong, even if they are exhausted.

When Ben ignores a planned cabin inspection, the situation gets out of hand and Captain Kerry feels extremely betrayed. Let’s see what else happened in “Below Deck”.

Ben’s Smug Behaviour in Below Deck

During the last charter of the season on “Below Deck,” Fraser goes through an in-depth tour with Captain Kerry to make sure everything is perfect for the new guests. We later see that Fraser and his interior crew receive high praise for their efforts and hard work.

During the inspection with the Bosun, Captain Kerry pointed out several issues: an improperly cleaned drain, a hose carelessly left in a corner, and a salt-encrusted wave runner that wasn’t rinsed thoroughly.

Ben is annoyed by this and he considers it to be nitpicking. He grumbles, “Captain Kerry’s got his knickers in a knot”. He later adds, “This is the final charter. I’m just saying, Hey, Cap, relax.”

Ben’s Smug Behaviour in Below Deck
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However, Ben’s attitude misses the point. Considering that they are paying more for their vacation, the final charter guests should receive the same quality of treatment as the first. Remaining up to par is essential, even if the crew is tired at the end of the season. Ben’s unwillingness to admit this speaks poorly about his dedication and professionalism.

As the final charter kicks off in “Below Deck,” drama rises between Captain Kerry and Ben. Ben casually responds with a different action when Kerry gives him explicit directions about anchoring, demonstrating his lack of respect for the captain’s commands. Kerry, however, stresses the significance of his orders while outlining the possible dangers.

Kerry keeps warning Ben about problems on deck, such as the jacuzzi’s temperature and the need to lower the umbrellas because of the high winds, but Ben never seems to change his smug attitude. Ben dismisses Kerry’s concerns in disregard of earlier instructions, further straining their working relationship.

Sunny’s Dilemma

Meanwhile in “Below Deck,” Sunny confides in Dylan about her fears over her rocky relationship and her uncertain future with Ben. She wants a partner who shows respect and maturity, something Ben doesn’t appear to possess (don’t we all relate to this?!).

Sunny’s Dilemma
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Sunny’s reflections shed light on the stark contrast between her expectations and Ben’s behaviour. She wants a committed and polite relationship, but Ben doesn’t seem like he would live up to her expectations given his arrogance. Ben’s habit of putting his own needs before his duties damages not just his reputation in the workplace but also his chances of developing a deep relationship with Sunny.

On “Below Deck,” as the charter season draws to its conclusion, Captain Kerry finds the deck filled with yoga mats and pillows from a reiki session. Frustrated at having neglected such a small detail, he gives the workers immediate instructions to make things right, stressing the value of keeping guest spaces clean.

How Did The Episode End?

At Kerry’s request, Dylan and Sunny quickly clean up the mess, realizing that standards must be maintained even as the season comes to an end. Kerry, horrified by Ben and Kyle’s disrespect for guest areas, confronts them about the problem. Kerry’s worries are ignored by Ben in his typical way, which strains their relationship even further.

In “Below Deck,” the crew is tense due to the cabin inspections, and Xandi complains about the fact that she doesn’t have time for herself. Most of the crew members pass the inspections conducted by Captain Kerry with flying colours, receiving recognition for their hard work. However, there’s a sharp contrast to that from Kyle and Ben’s cabin, which looks like a catastrophe zone with clothes all over the place and a messy bathroom!

How Did The Episode End?
Credits: Reality Tea

Kerry confronts Ben and Kyle and tells them how disappointed and frustrated he is, stressing the lack of respect that their behavior reflects. Their indifference to his authority is obvious which is frustrating to watch. Kerry is furious with their actions, taking tremendous offence at their disrespect for others’ feelings. He sees their behavior as an insult to him personally, demonstrating a basic lack of respect and hierarchy awareness.

Kerry is even more enraged by Ben’s smug reply and becomes even more angry at their apparent disregard. Kerry is evidently very upset but we can see he can’t do much about it.

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In “Below Deck,” despite Kerry’s efforts to maintain professionalism and uphold standards, Ben’s dismissive attitude and disregard for authority create significant discord within the crew. It is a tough watch because of Ben’s attitude and the viewers might find it hard to not get annoyed by his behavior. However, the season has ended and it is already too late to fire Ben.

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