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The Equalizer Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: What Happened in the Finale?

The Equalizer

In the final episode of “The Equalizer” season 4, Detective Dante goes for it and kisses Robyn McCall at last, signalling that he felt the same about her as she did about him! As it happens, Dante and McCall wind up dating and going on exciting adventures together. However, their romance brought about obstacles in their careers.

Although he had given the case to another officer, Captain Watkins accused Dante of being involved in the capturing of a legendary cop killer. For months, Dante had been disobeying her orders; it was usually because of Robyn’s influence, as he would put her requests and tips ahead of his official responsibilities. Let’s see what happened further in the season finale of “The Equalizer”.

New Job Opportunities for Dante in The Equalizer

In “The Equalizer”, Dante thought he would lose his job when Captain Watkins called him into the office on his day off. She surprised him by offering him a promotion that came with more income and better hours, but there was a catch: the job would be in California! (oh no).

Dante’s life became more complicated as a result of this unanticipated chance, which made him consider how his relationship with Robyn was evolving and how important his career was.

Relocating was challenging for Dante because of his commitments, which involved his new relationship with Robyn. He shared joint custody of his two sons with his ex-wife and couldn’t just uproot them from where they lived. Additionally, his father remained in a coma at the hospital, and his father needed his presence.

New Job Opportunities for Dante in The Equalizer
Credits: CBS

Dante did not, however, have the choice to turn down the promotion. He was given the option to accept the new position with the Federal Task Force or spend the rest of his career working from a desk, which he did not want.

With few options, Dante talked to Robyn about the circumstances. She urged him to accept the new job, saying it would eventually lead to a position in government where he could change policies—a field that both of them found difficult because of systemic issues.

Despite being crushed Robyn remained silent about her true feelings since she believed it would be selfish to ask Dante to stay instead of supporting him. Robyn tried to see the bright side of things. She agreed to take Dee and Aunt Vi on a tour of a military academy.

She was waiting to talk to the headmaster when Harry sent her a message. Concerned for his wife, Harry tracked her phone and found it discarded in some bushes.

Malik Brothers and Mel’s Situation

Later in “The Equalizer”, Mel was helping a guy named Eric from her veterans’ support group, who had tricked her into going to a rooftop by pretending to be trying to kill himself. He used a stun gun to scare her when he got there, and with the assistance of a partner, he kidnapped her. His real name was not Eric.

Harry used AI to analyze footage of the person who discarded Mel’s phone and reached out to Fisk for identification. The individual, who worked alongside his brother Imran Malik, was listed as Billal Malik in the CIA database but wasn’t in the military database. They were on a mission of revenge, hunting down those responsible for the infamous terrorist Farhan Malik’s death, their father.

Malik Brothers and Mel’s Situation
Credits: CBS

Later in “The Equalizer”, Farhan used his wife as a human shield and was killed when he threatened American forces. Having not been there at the scene, the Malik brothers accepted their mother’s version of events, according to which their father was unarmed and cooperative when he was killed.

Driven by this conviction, they had been carefully removing any traces of their father’s death, beginning with other members of the unit who were accountable. Harry now faced the urgent task of rescuing Mel from these dangerous brothers.

The Malik brothers coerced Mel into reading a forced confession, planning to kill her afterwards. She offered to help them find their father’s body to buy them some time. Mel sent a message to Fisk through M.E.L. asking for access to the CIA database. Harry called Fisk and attempted to talk him into giving Mel access.

How Did The Episode End?

By following the man who had picked up the brothers from the airport and guiding them to the warehouse where Mel was being held, Harry discovered another route to find Mel in the finale of “The Equalizer”. As the brothers were getting ready to murder Mel, Fisk showed up bringing the shocking news that Farhad Malik was still alive. After the shooting, he was taken to a hospital and given a new name so he could start again in America.

How Did The Episode End?
Credits: CBS

Farhad couldn’t convince Imran to stop. Imran threw a grenade, and Billal sacrificed himself to save everyone. Imran tried to grab a gun and was killed. Farhad watched both his sons die. Afterwards, Mel decided to focus on the PTSD she had and step back from Equalizer duties. Dee chose to stay at her current school, believing she could help more people there.

Robyn finally expressed her true feelings to Dante, but it was too late. Dante had already accepted the task force job and was leaving the city to combat a child predator ring, with no clear timeline for his return. Season 4 of “The Equalizer” ended with a question: what will happen to Robyn and Dante’s relationship?

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In the gripping finale of “The Equalizer” season 4, Robyn and Dante’s budding romance faces significant hurdles as Dante is forced to choose between a promising career move and staying close to his loved ones. Despite Robyn’s late confession of her feelings, Dante’s departure leaves their future uncertain, ending the season on a suspenseful note, and leaving viewers eager for the next chapter, if there is one.

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