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Below Deck Season 11 Episode 17 Recap: What Happened In The Final Episode?

Below Deck Season 11 Episode 17

Below Deck is a very popular show in the reality TV space and has garnered strong viewership. As this season was moving towards its final episode, audiences were really excited. The 17th episode concluded all the arcs as well as conflicts that were going on among the contestants of this Bravo show. Let us take a look at what exactly happened in the final episode.

Below Deck Season 11 Episode 17 Recap
Credits: Dexerto

Ben on disrespecting the Captain

Below Deck Season 11 Episode 17 was called End of the Line and it was released on May 27th, 2024 on Bravo. The episode showed that Kyle and Ben had openly disrespected Captain Kerry when the latter was taking a look at the cabins.

Since the things were through around everywhere it was clearly messy, which is why Kerry told them to sort everything or be ready to face the consequences. However, Ben says he was busy with other work and could not clean the cabin. He also says he didn’t do it because he didn’t want to. Later, he apologizes to the Captain but Kerry won’t be forgetting all of this.

Kerry’s Last Meeting

Below Deck Season 11 Episode 17 had all the guests leaving the deck and it was a moment for Captain Kerry since this was a last goodbye for everyone. He revealed that the crew did a good job and it was beyond anyone’s expectations. Everyone received a tip of $1538 which meant a total of $20,000 was given.

Before the last night out party with the crew, Kyle informs his mother about Barbie and tells her that she will be visiting her. He confesses that he loves her. This is a tender moment for him as we see him being serious about this relationship. The Annandale Waterfall is the location where their final dinner takes place.

Kerry's Last Meeting
Credits: Bravo

After seeing Fraser having fun in the water, Kyle gets naked in excitement. This embarrasses Barbie and she has to walk away from him realizing that he is heavily drunk. Barbie says that she can’t see someone who isn’t as classy as her. But she also reveals that she loves him and they share a kiss together. Meanwhile, Ben is also seen telling Sunny that he feels for her. But it is unclear if he is serious about her. Sunny feels he will for someone else in the next season.

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Barbie and Xandie’s back and forth

Towards the end of Below Deck Season 11 Episode 17, we see the crew going back in their vehicles. Xandi says Barbie would have been gone had the former been the boss of the yacht. Barbie obviously doesn’t take this well and an argument happens between them. This is mainly because all of them are drunk right now and have no clue what they are saying.

Barbie and Xandie's back and forth
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Xandi then starts crying and asks to be removed from the car. On the boat, we see Barbie screaming at all the crew members and also ends up locking Kyle in the cabin. Her reason is Kyle didn’t support her during the argument. Later, Barbie texts Kyle that they can’t see each other. However, he is glad that they have parted ways.

As Below Deck Season 11 Episode 17 reaches its conclusion, we see everyone during a final goodbye which turns into a very emotional moment. Fraser reveals that he respects Captain Kerry and would love to work with him again. In return, Kerry also compliments him and calls him one of the best in the Chief stew zone on the deck.


Below Deck Season 11 Episode 17 takes the story of all the deck crews to its end. This season saw many tales of friendship, love, conflicts, and even heartbreaks which engaged the viewers throughout. There were many love stories this season but it feels that their love won’t last outside of the yacht.

This Episode remains a very satisfying final episode which puts an end to all the storyline as well as arcs. Viewers are now waiting for Below Deck Mediterranean which is a popular spin-off of this series. We can expect a similar drama from this show.

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