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Below Deck Season 11 Reunion: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far

Below Deck Season 11 reunion

Below Deck Season 11 recently concluded and its final episode was met with a positive response. The last episode saw the conclusion of all the drama and arcs coming together and reaching its end. Released on May 27th, the final episode gave a fitting goodbye to all the crew members of the yacht.

Below Deck Season 11 Reunion
Credits: Bravo

Since then, there has been buzz around Below Deck Season 11 Reunion and fans are curious to find out if it is happening or not. Read on to find out because we will be exploring it.

How Did Below Deck Season 11 End?

Below Deck Season 11 ended with its final episode called End of the Line which was released on May 27th. It showcased how Kyle and Ben spoke in a certain tone with Captain Kerry. This was during the cabin inspection and Kerry told them to face the music if the mess in the cabin isn’t cleared. Despite this, Ben apologized to him later on.

How Did Below Deck Season 11 End?
Credits: Bravo

Later, Captain Kerry prepared for the final meeting with the crew for this season. He praised the crew and said that he had never seen such a crew in his life. They all received $1538 as a tip from a total $20,000 budget. We also saw Kyle telling his mother about how much he loves Barbie. He also wants her to meet Barbie since he is serious about it. However, a moment when Kyle removes all his clothes doesn’t go well with Barbie.

We also see the crew going back from the boat in the cars where an argument between Xandie and Barbie happens. This leads to Barbie screaming at everyone and locking Kyle in the cabin because he didn’t speak in his support. A nice moment between Fraser and Kerry takes place in the end where they acknowledge their talent.

Is Below Deck Season 11 Reunion Happening?

Since many issues were unresolved in the final episode, fans are wondering if Below Deck Season 11 Reunion will take place. It had Kerry, a new captain, headlining St. David which meant the crew had to adjust to a new captain.

So far, Bravo has not confirmed that a reunion will be happening. While fans want to see everyone address the issues they had on the yacht, chances are very slim for it to take place. There was drama between people like Xandi and Barbie as well as Fraser. However, they will not be coming together for Below Deck Season 11 Reunion.

What To Expect From It?

Below Deck Season 11 Reunion is unlikely to happen but fans want to see it. This is special because of the final episode and all the drama it offered from the crew members. We saw a fight between Barbie and Xandi since the latter has been supporting Fraser throughout.

If Below Deck Season 11 Reunion happens, we can expect all of them to return and talk about the drama they were a part of in the final episode.

What To Expect From It?
Credits: Dexerto

Who Will Star In It?

Below Deck Season 11 Reunion is not happening, but we can speculate certain things if it happens. It should mark the return of all the crew members of Season 11. This includes Captain Kerry Titheradge, Marie Marquis aka Sunny, Kyle Stillie, Fraser Olender, Dylan Pierre De Villiers, Nick Tatlock, Xandi Olivier, Ben Willoughby, and Paris Field as well as Cat Baugh.

Since the spin-off is around the corner, Below Deck Season 11 Reunion might drop by the end of this year. We can expect more drama in it since all the crew members will be revealing some truths.


Bravo has not issued Below Deck Season 11 Reunion but fans are really excited about it and are demanding it. This demand started after the finale of Season 11 dropped recently which witnessed many conflicts and drama.

A reunion would show all the crew of the yacht coming together for a final time and discussing the conflicts. Sadly, this is not happening which will disappoint all the fans of Below Deck. However, there is a slight chance that Bravo would greenlight it if the demand is very high and there is an audience.

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