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Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 2: Preview, Release Date And More

Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 2: Preview

Call The Midwife is a British television series in the period drama genre. It is based on the 2002 memoir Call the Midwife which was written by Jennifer Worth. She was inspired by her own experience of working as a nurse during the 1950s and 1960s in London. The series has been loved by audiences and is currently in its 13th season.

Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 2: Preview
Credits: PBS

As Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 2 nears, fans are curious to know more about the much-awaited episode. If you want to know about its release date etc, read on.

What Is Call the Midwife All About?

Call the Midwife is created by Heidi Thomas and follows the story of Jenny Lee (played by Jessica Raine) who is a midwife working at the House of Nonnatus. As the story progresses, we are introduced to more nuns and midwives working in the place. The narrative takes place in the 1950s and early 1960s in Poplar district which is situated on the East side of London.

The story is taken from the real-life experience of Jennifer Worth when the region was experiencing poverty. Amid the crisis, the midwives and nurses are tasked to successfully perform childbirth of women. Every season takes place in a different year starting from 1957.

What Is Call the Midwife All About?
Credits: BBC

Through their story, the makers tackle themes like same-sex love, abortion, community living, unwanted pregnancy, poverty, religion and other things.

What Happened In The Previous Episode Of Call the Midwife Season 2?

In the first episode of the second season of Call the Midwife, we see the arrival of four new people at the Nonnatus House. The year is 1969 and showcases the girls experiencing a cultural shock as they try to live with the nuns. They are named Rosalind Clifford (played by Natalie Quarry) and Joyce Highland (played by Renee Bailey).

The cops arrest the husband of Rosalind after she gives birth to a child. Her husband has a criminal background and carries a gun which is why he is put behind bars. Doreen gets pregnant and her mother does not like it because of her cerebral palsy condition.

The nuns find out that Sister Julienne had delivered Doreen on birth; she had suffered injury during that process. We also see Nancy going at loggerheads with Phyllis for increasing the wages of nuns.

More About Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 2

Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 2 will pick right after the first season ends. We will see further developments on the situation of Doreen. The issue around pay for nuns, which started in the previous episode, might also reach its conclusion in the upcoming episode. Overall, there are lots of questions still hanging that might reach their end in Episode 2.

More About Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 2
Credits: Town & Country Magazine

Who Will Be In The Cast?

The main cast members which consist of an ensemble of interesting actors will be returning in the follow-up episode. It includes Judy Parfitt (who plays Sister Monica Joan), Jenny Agutter (Sister Julienne), Helen George (Nurse Beatrix Franklin aka Trixie) and Laura Main (Shelagh Turner). Apart from them, new faces like Natalie Quarry and Renee Bailey will also be there in Episode 2.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Call the Midwife Season 13 Episode 2 will be premiering on PBS on Sunday, March 24th, 2024. The time will be 8:00 pm ET. The expected runtime of the episode is around 60 minutes.

David Tucker will be helming the episode. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis on PBS. The previous seasons are available to enjoy on Netflix. In the United Kingdom, Call the Midwife airs on BBC One.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: IMDb


Call the Midwife is one of the most acclaimed television series in recent years. It beautifully depicts the lives of nurses and nuns from 1950s London as they struggle with their lives and go on with their jobs. It’s a well-written, directed, and acted show with every single detail being correct to its period.

The first episode of Season 13 has raised many concerns that we can expect to be resolved in the next episode. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the episode to premiere.

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