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Chucky Season 3 Part 2: Everything We Know So Far

Chucky Season 3 Part 2

Chucky is a much-loved character in the realm of horror genre. Despite being horrifying to watch, the character has gained popularity over the past few decades. Chucky the television series has also turned out to be a massive success and has spawned three seasons so far.

Chucky Season 3 Part 2
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The makers are now coming up with Chucky Season 3 Part 2 which will conclude the third season. Fans of the show want to know its release date and other important information. If you are also looking for these answers, this article is for you.

What Is Chucky All About?

Chucky is a television series in the horror genre created by Don Mancini. It is a part of the Child’s Play franchise and serves as a sequel to the 2017 slasher film Cult of Chucky which was the 7th entry in the entire franchise. The storyline takes place a few weeks after Cult of Chucky’s events in Hackensack, which is situated in New Jersey.

What Is Chucky All About?
Credits: Syfy

Zackary Arthur plays the role of Jake Wheeler a 14-year-old kid who ends up buying a doll (voiced by Brad Dourif) from a sale at the yard. He intends to use it for his art project on the season of Halloween but realizes that the harmless-looking doll is actually possessed by the spirit of Charles Lee Ray. Charles was a serial killer and was known by the nickname Chucky.

Jake then gets involved in many murders and they are linked up to his doll. Meanwhile, we also get a glimpse into the life of Chucky, his growing-up years, and how he ended up becoming a dreaded serial killer. Jake is forced to perform several acts by the doll while he struggles with his personal problems.

The first season premiered on October 12, 2021, on Syfy and concluded on November 30, 2021. It consisted of eight episodes. The success of the first season was followed by a second season of Chucky that aired between October 5, 2022, and November 23, 2022. Just like the first season, the second also had eight episodes.

The third season will also have eight episodes and is planned to release in two parts with four episodes in each part. The first part dropped on October 4, 2023, and ended on October 25, 2023.

What Happened At The End of Previous Season?

In Chucky Season 3, the titular demonic doll manages to go inside the White House. In the fourth episode of the season, titled Dressed to Kill, Warren Pryce (played by Gil Bellows) who is a government agent, tries and succeeds in convincing Charlotte to organize an annual party on Halloween at the White House. They do that to alleviate President James.

What Happened At The End of Previous Season?
Credits: Deadline

Charlotte then ends up hiring a nanny named Annie Gilpin for Henry so that she can attend the party. Meanwhile, Chucky plans for his last three sacrifices by murdering Lexy, Jake, and Devon. All three of them arrive at the party and they are joined by Henry.

All of them try to make Chucky speak. However, their plan is thrown off as the power in the venue goes away. Right after the light is back, Annie and many guests are crushed to death after a chandelier falls on them. It was done by Chucky.

Along with Henry, he reaches upstairs while the guests leave the venue. For a second time, Chucky tries to perform the ritual. Luckily it fails again and it ends up leaving him more aged. Around the same time, celebrity chef Evelyn Elliot meets Tiffany.

He is not happy with the fact that she murdered Meg. Tiffany then gets many voodoo dolls. Taking one of them, she uses it to torture and eventually murder Evelyn. Towards the end, she manages to hypnotize and control a guard who helps her manage to escape the jail.

What Can We Expect From Part 2?

The second part of Chucky Season 3 has been announced and it will premiere on April 10, 2024. The four-episode part will conclude on Mar 1, 2024. In Chucky Season 3 Part 2, we can expect the storyline to continue from the first part. The story will focus right after Tiffany escapes from prison and what it means for the main characters.

What Can We Expect From Part 2?
Credits: Syfy

Meanwhile, Chucky is on his killing rampage. The event at the White House has left everyone terrorized. So we can expect a lot of drama, thrills as well as morbid moments in the concluding part of season 3 of Chucky.

Recently, the makers dropped many first-look photos from Chucky Season 3 Part 2. They indicate that Chucky the killer will be dying of old age and natural causes.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

The main cast of Chucky will be there in Season 3 Part 2. They include Zackary Arthur (as Jake Wheeler), Björgvin Arnarson (Devon Evans), Alyvia Alyn Lind (Lexy Cross), Brad Dourif (as Chucky’s voice), Fiona Dourif (Nica Pierce) and others. There will be some new faces in the second part including Devon Sawa (President James Collins), Lara Jean Chorostecki (First Lady Charlotte Collins), and Callum Vinson and Jackson Kelly as their children.

In October 2023, a thirty-second-long TV promo of the second part was released. It shows an aging Chucky killing people. But the tagline reads, ‘He is not dead yet.’


Chucky remains one of the most iconic and popular characters in the pop culture. Fans of the horror genre particularly love the Child’s Play franchise. Over the years, it has gained even more popularity thanks to multiple sequels and television series. All the seasons have been well-received thanks to the steady dose of blood, gore, and thrills along with an engaging plot.

The makers of Chucky were able to create more tension and leave fans wanting more by ending the third season on a very high note. People are wondering what the dreaded killer doll will do. At the same time, Tiffany has also tactfully escaped prison and is on the loose.

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