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Colors of Evil: Red: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More About The Netflix Movie

Colors of Evil: Red

Colors of Evil: Red is an upcoming film from Poland that will be released on Netflix. There has been much buzz around this film because of its intriguing plot and other details. Fans are really looking forward to the film which will be available on Netflix for viewers to enjoy globally.

Colors of Evil
Credits: Netflix

You might be curious about certain details of Colors of Evil: Red including its aspects like storyline, date of release, and others. This article will be touching upon all those things so continue reading to find out.

Plot of Colors of Evil Red

Colors of Evil: Red, original Polish title Kolory zła: Czerwień, has a very intriguing plot line in the drama genre. The plot focuses on the revelation of the dead body of a girl who is washing ashore on the beach situated in Tricity which is situated in Poland.

The mother of the murder victim collaborates with the prosecutor to find the revelation of the murder as well as the motive. The film will chronicle the pursuit of the killer and other details of the homicide.

The one-minute and 21-second-long trailer of Colors of Evil: Red showcases some really interesting moments from the film. The trailer has much drama which crescendos into the conclusion. The film is an adaptation of a novel penned by Malgorzata Oliwia Sobczak.

When and Where Can You Watch Colors of Evil: Red

Colors of Evil: Red is slated to release on Netflix on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024 across different countries. The film will be available to stream on Netflix not just in Poland but in many countries and viewers can enjoy it via subscription. Its duration is one hour and 52 minutes. The duration is not that long which makes this drama film a tight and a very taught experience for the audiences to have.

So Make sure you keep it in your reminder since Colors of Evil: Red is worth watching. It’s also a testament that Netflix is expanding and also has a presence in different countries including Poland. We can expect more films and shows from them in the coming times that will continue to entertain audiences on a global scale.

The Cast and Crew of Colors of Evil: Red

Colors of Evil: Red has a very interesting team that has put together this film for the viewers to enjoy. The film is directed by Adrian Panek who is a talented voice in Poland. Its script is written by Panek, Malgorzata Oliwia Sobczak, and Lukasz M. Maciejewski.

The Cast and Crew of Colors of Evil: Red
Credits: Netflix

The film also has a very talented set of actors in its cast which includes names like Maja Ostaszewska (who is playing Helena Bogucka), Jakub Gierszal (played by Leopold Bilski), and Kagga Jayson (Leonard).

The film also has several talented names playing supporting yet pivotal roles including Zofia Jastrzębska, Daniel Dobosz, Przemysław Bluszcz, Andrzej Konopka, Wojciech Zieliński, Łukasz Pawłowski, Andrzej Zieliński, Szymon Czacki, Wojciech Kalita, Zbigniew Stryj and Jan Wieteska.

Overall, Colors of Evil: Red has an intriguing plot, a promising cast of actors, and an overall excitement around it that has made it an anticipated film on Netflix.


Colors of Evil: Red is a much-awaited film from Poland to drop on Netflix soon. The film deals with the discovery of a body and a bunch of people trying to find out what exactly happened to her and the mystery around it.

It has much buzz among the viewers and they are gearing up to watch it when it releases on May 29th on Netflix. We will be delighted with a lot of thrill and drama among viewers.

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