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How To Ruin Love: Release Date, Cast And More

How To Ruin Love

How To Ruin Love is an upcoming comedy-drama show that will drop on Netflix. The series is from South Africa and takes forward the legacy of a popular franchise. There has been much buzz around this show since its official trailer dropped which is really exciting.

How To Ruin Love
Credits: News24

Fans want to know the important details of How To Ruin Love including who is in it along with the date of release among others. So continue reading if you looking forward to the show and looking into all these important aspects that we will decipher.

What Is How To Ruin Love All About?

How To Ruin Love is a spin-off of the popular franchise called How To Ruin which also includes How To Ruin Christmas. The series is in the romantic comedy genre and follows Zoleka (portrayed by Sivenathi Mabuya). She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Kagiso (played by Bohang Moeko) for many years.

The catch is that she starts believing that he might be cheating on her after certain evidences point towards that. Right before their anniversary on Valentine’s Day, Zoleka pursues Kagiso. She also asks for help from her family members to fix her relationship. This leads to funny and emotional situations.

How To Ruin Love was created by Rethabile Ramaphakela and it was produced by him along with Katleho, Tshepo as well as Rethabile under the banner of Burnt Onion Productions.

Who Is In The Cast And Crew of How To Ruin Love?

How To Ruin Love also known as How To Ruin Love: The Proposal has a stellar ensemble of actors that will take the series to another level. It stars Sivenathi Mabuya, Bohang Moeko, Dumisani Mbebe, Tina Jaxa, Marjorie Langa, John Morapama, Thando Thabethe, Noxolo Dlamini, S’Dumo Mtshali, Thabo Malema and Sandile Mahlangu. The series is backed by the siblings of Ramaphakela while Rethabile Ramaphakela is the creator.

Who Is In The Cast And Crew of How To Ruin Love?
Credits: TV Mzansi

Do We Have A Trailer for How To Ruin Love?

On May 10th, 2024 Netflix dropped the official trailer of How To Ruin Love which has a duration of two minutes and 18 seconds. The trailer starts with a funny scene where a bride and groom are getting married but the bride is about to collapse. She accuses the guy of poisoning her. But it turns out to be the shooting of a production called Sinful Seductions.

We are then introduced to Zoleka and Kagiso who have been dating for years. While she was expecting him to propose soon, Kagiso is not interested in getting married. She then sees him with another girl and even that he is proposing to her. While she attempts to stop it, Kagiso reveals he was actually planning to surprise her and propose to her.

However, that did not happen. Later, she gets her family on board to help her with this situation. The tagline of the trailer reads, ‘When you break up, it takes a family to make up.’ As the trailer progresses, we see her and her family trying to convince Kagiso to propose to her again for marriage.

The trailer consists of several funny scenes as well as dramatic ones which provide a glimpse into the series. Overall, it is really engaging and we can expect a fun ride in How To Ruin Love.

Do We Have A Release Date?

How To Ruin Love: The Proposal will be released on Friday, 31st May 2024 on Netflix. It is unclear how many episodes this series has since the makers have not revealed it. However, we can expect every episode to be concise and engaging.


How To Ruin Love is the upcoming series from South Africa which will focus on a couple going through a hard time. The series will focus on the girl’s attempt to salvage her relationship with him. There is so much buzz around this Netflix series and fans are really excited about it.

How To Ruin Love is a very anticipated series from South Africa which is a testament that Netflix has a presence in that country as well. We can expect it to deliver the laughs and drama that How To Ruin franchise has been delivering for years through shows.

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