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Conan O’Brien Must Go: Release Date, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

Conan O’Brien is hands down one of the most iconic and influential, comedian and television host in the United States of America. He is coming up with a show called Conan O’Brien Must Go which has been in the making for a while. Recently, Conan revealed certain details about it.

Conan O'Brien Must Go

Fans of Conan want to know when Conan O’Brien Must Go will be released and where they can watch it. If you also have similar queries about the show, this article takes a closer look at those questions.

What Is Conan O’Brien Must Go All About?

What Is Conan O’Brien Must Go All About?

On May 17, 2023, Conan O’Brien revealed that he was working on a project called Conan O’Brien Must Go. It will be a travel series and will consist of four episodes. It will work as an extension of his podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan and will show the TV host meeting all those people whom he spoke on video calls on his podcast. This project was unveiled during a presentation given by Warner Bros Discovery.

Conan O’Brien Must Go will mark his return to the television space after he concludes his legendary talk show in 2021. According to Conan, it has been narrated by acclaimed German actor-filmmaker Werner Herzog.

It will follow him going on a globetrotting adventure in countries like Ireland, Thailand, Argentina, and Norway to meet his fans and well-wishers. He is also serving as its executive producer alongside Jeff Ross. Conaco is the main producer of the series.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Yes, finally the release date of Conan O’Brien Must Go has been revealed. It will premiere on Thursday, April 18th, 2024 on HBO‘s streaming platform, Max. The production of the series took place around seven to ten days in one country. Once they were done, the team then moved to a different country for Conan to meet other fans.

In an interview, Conan said that every country has its own style and rhythm. He gave an example and stated the people of Ireland as comedians. Previously, he had done a similar themed show called Conan Without Borders where he visited around 13 countries. The show was well received and also ended up bagging an Emmy Award.

Conan O’Brien Must Go comes after his successful nearly three-decade-long stint in the talk show realm ended a few years ago. He said that he now wants to do different things.

Do We Have A Trailer?

So far, no. But last year the team of Conan O’Brien Must Go released a sneak peek video. The video had a duration of two minutes and 37 seconds and generated a lot of excitement among fans and people who had been waiting for him to return on television. It opens with a lovely visual of some cold place consisting of mountains covered with ice.

Suddenly, Conan appears in a Viking costume as he walks around with full head gear and a weapon in his hand. He then meets a bunch of similarly dressed people and says something inaudible.

After a second, Conan breaks character and says, ‘I have to say I’m not feeling it.’ This leaves all of them in splits. The video then continues with Conan going around the globe to meet his fans who had appeared on his podcast. This includes countries like Norway and Thailand.

Apart from meeting people, Conan also spends some time engaging with the country’s culture and cuisine as well. The video also consists of some really funny scenes including one where he is getting punched by a kid. Overall, it helps in generating excitement for the show and has the trademark humor Conan is known for.


Conan O’Brien has been a part of the popular culture in America for years. There is an entire generation that has grown up watching his talk shows. For years, he entertained audiences with his distinct style of comedy and self-deprecating humor that was loved by people across the world.

But all this came to a halt after he said goodbye to television recently. Since then, he has been more active doing different things including hosting his podcast. Conan O’Brien Must Go can be called a loosely inspired off-shoot or spin-off of his podcast.

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