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Dark Matter Episodes 1 & 2 Review: Apple TV+’s Latest Series Rehashes the Idea of Alternative Realities

Apple TV+ has had several releases lined up since the beginning of 2024, and next in line is Dark Matter. This latest sci-fi series has replaced Palm Royale on the Apple TV+ schedule, and it’s safe to say that the two series are very different from each other.

Dark Matter revolves around the protagonist, Jason Dessen, played by Joel Edgerton, who so far appears to be the right choice for the role, considering he is seen the most as far as the first two episodes of the series go.

Edgerton is joined by Jennifer Connelly, who played the role of Daniella, Dessen’s wife. Dark Matter explores the concept of alternative realities or the multiverse which has become a little too popular in the last few years, all thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

No, Dark Matter doesn’t have Doctor Strange or Wanda, but the idea of having a fresh idea appears to be drowning as far as Dark Matter Episodes 1 & 2 go, Nevertheless, here’s our review, and there will be some spoilers ahead!

Joel Edgerton Takes the Lead in Dark Matter on Apple TV+

The beginning of Dark Matter feels like the start of any other Hollywood drama movie. There’s a man, Jason Dessen, who is a physics professor and while he lives a good life, he doesn’t seem all too thrilled about it. Dessen comes home to a beautiful wife, Daniella, and a sweet son, Ryan.

It is wholesome and sweet, but of course, there are mysterious elements too, and ultimately Dark Matter isn’t a drama movie, it is a sci-fi series and doesn’t take long to dive into the core genre. Things change for Jason when he leaves his house at night, after being convinced by his wife to do so, and is later kidnapped on his way back home.

Joel Edgerton Takes the Lead in Dark Matter on Apple TV+
Credit: Apple TV+

It doesn’t take too long to understand that there are two Jasons in Dark Matter, with two different realities, and while this series does get a little confusing at certain points, the best way to go about is by giving the two Jasons different nicknames, it really works. Jason 1 is the Jason we are introduced to, and Jason 2 is the Jason who kidnaps Jason 1 and their timelines end up being switched.

Jason 1 and Jason 2 have similar yet very different lives, and now the two are in each other’s shoes, with the people around them unaware and confused about what’s happening. And of course, the most confused of all is Jason 1 who is trying his best to find his wife and son, who aren’t in Jason 2’s home, where Jason 1 now is.

Jason 1 and Jason 2
Credit: Apple TV+

Although attempting to explain Dark Matter can be a little confusing, the first episode plays out seamlessly well and sets up the series in an intriguing manner, even though the concept is far from unique. The second episode of Dark Matter felt a little weaker than the first episode, however, we are still holding on to this series!

Dark Matter Episode 2 continues to showcase Jason 1 trying to figure things out in Jason 2’s timeline, while Jason 2 is at Jason 1’s workplace trying to give his Physics lecture. Later in this episode, Jason 1 finally understands what is happening to him and how Jason 2 has traveled through timelines and essentially stolen Jason 1’s life.

It will be interesting to see how Dark Matter proceeds especially following the end of the second episode, where the other Daniela in the different timeline is shot, and it appears to be fatal. There will be a lot more jumps and loops when it comes to the alternative realities as Jason 1 figures out a way to go back to his Daniela in his original timeline.

Dark Matter
Credit: Apple TV+


Admittedly, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to Dark Matter, but so far, the series appears to be promising, despite the lack of any uniqueness. Do keep a lookout for our review of the third episode next week!