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Apple TV+’s Dark Matter Episode 3 Preview: Release Date and More

Dark Matter Episode 3

Apple TV+ has dropped the first two episodes of its new sci-fi series, Dark Matter, and there was plenty to unpack in just two episodes. This latest series toys with the concept of alternative realities, time jumps, and possibly the multiverse, and while these terms aren’t remotely new or unique, Dark Matter Episodes 1 & 2 do an adequate job of setting up the series for an intriguing and dark storyline.

Dark Matters stars Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, Alice Braga, Jimmi Simpson, and Dayo Okeniyi amongst others who have been introduced in the first two episodes, with their roles established. If you have watched the first two episodes and are intrigued about what’s going to happen next, keep reading this article as we give you a glimpse into Dark Matter Episode 3.

What Happened in Dark Matter Episode 2?

Before we dive into what will happen in the next episode of Dark Matter, it is important to familiarize yourself with what’s happened so far, because things can get a little confusing when it comes to Dark Matter.

There are two Jasons in Dark Matter, whom we have previously labeled Jason 1 and Jason 2, Jason 1 being the original one and Jason 2 being the one who orchestrated this jump between realities and has officially taken the place of Jason 1 in the original timeline from episode 1.

In Dark Matter Episode 2, Jason 1 finally understands what Jason 2 has done, which is essentially traveling the multiverse and switching their lives. Now, Jason 1 must do whatever it takes to get back to his original timeline with his wife and son.

Meanwhile, Jason 1 also shares a moment with Daniela from that timeline, however, she is later shot, which leads to the end of the second episode.

What Happened in Dark Matter Episode 2?
Credit: Apple TV+

What Can You Expect From Dark Matter Episode 3?

There is no doubt that Dark Matter Episode 3 will be just as packed, if not more, than the previous episodes of the series. Now that Jason 1 has a good idea about what’s happened to him, and what Jason 2 has done, he can try and fix things, but of course, it won’t be that easy.

Dark Matter Episode 3 will likely confirm the death of the other Daniela, and the aftermath, where Jason 1 will definitely be in trouble.

What Can You Expect From Dark Matter Episode 3?
Credit: Apple TV+

Dark Matter Episode 3 will showcase the interchanged lives of Jason 1 and Jason 2, and it will be interesting to see Jason 2 adapt to his new life where he is simply a married physics professor and also has a son, things that he isn’t used to. Meanwhile, Jason 1 sees the groundbreaking invention that made it all possible.

When and Where Can You Watch Dark Matter Episode 3?

Much like all the other series on Apple TV+, Dark Matter will follow a weekly schedule, which means Dark Matter Episode 3 will be available to stream on May 15, 2024.


Dark Matter might feel a little familiar for anyone obsessed with the sci-fi genre, but there’s certainly plenty to keep viewers entertained. Do keep a lookout for our review of Dark Matter Episode 3 next week!