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Doctor Who Season 14 Review: Ncuti Gatwa is Fun, Funny, and Oh-So-Cool!

Doctor Who Season 14

The Doctor Who series has been around for decades now, and generations of sci-fi fans have had the opportunity to see different versions, different Doctors, different planets, and so much more. So, when the latest reboot of sorts was announced, everyone was over the moon, and now that the latest season has officially taken off, it’s time to take a look at it!

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the fresh-out-of-oven episodes of Doctor Who, especially since there’s a new Doctor in town, and it should come as no surprise that Ncuti Gatwa has done a swell job so far. In this review, we’ll unpack more about what worked versus what didn’t when it came to Doctor Who Season 14!

We’re Back in the TARDIS!

Doctor Who as a franchise is extremely special to several fans all over the globe, spanning across generations, and oftentimes it might feel like fans will simply take what they get, as long as they’re still getting new mind-bending stories and their beloved TARDIS. However, this latest season starring the Sex Education star, Ncuti Gatwa, will not disappoint.

Gatwa has very quickly embraced his role as the Doctor and has added his personal dazzle and flair to it, which one might not have witnessed in the Doctors before him. Gatwa is the fifteenth doctor of the franchise, and right now, it is too soon to rank him or compare him to the rest, but let’s just say, he has set the bar fairly high after the first two episodes which premiered on May 10, 2024.

We're Back in the TARDIS!
Credit: Disney+

The first two episodes were titled, “Space Babies” and “The Devil’s Chord” and more often than not, when there’s a double feature, they are usually connected, but this time around, fans have been treated with two different adventures, and what’s not to love? As adventures, both episodes were exciting, fun, quirky, and extremely Doctor Who-ish.

So far, this season of Doctor Who has showcased a lot of promise, but all of it appears to rest on Gatwa’s shoulders as he has now become the face of the franchise. Oftentimes, Doctor Who can have an average storyline or subpar side quests, but if the Doctor is good, the entire episode is elevated, and yes, in this case, we are talking about our favorite Doctor, David Tennant.

The episode “Space Babies” takes place right after the Christmas episode and Ruby and the Doctor are off to new adventures, and thankfully, at least so far, the relationship between the two seems off the charts. The banter, the exploration, working together, and just rubbing off each other’s personalities – they have it all covered, already!

Doctor Who Season 14
Credit: Disney+

While Gatwa is the star of the show, major props go to Millie Gibson, because the Doctor is nothing without his companion. Gibson has done a stunning job as Ruby so far, and her performance has only improved since this Christmas special. The only way is up, not just for Gibson and Gatwa, but for the entire series, and we couldn’t be more excited!


Are you a Doctor Who fan? because if so, there’s plenty for you to watch this weekend, and rest assured, the quality of the stories and characters are all great so far. Make sure you keep a lookout at our website for the latest news and reviews about the series!