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Young Royals Season 3 Review: Navigating Love, Scandals, And Royalty

Young Royals Season 3 Review

“Young Royals” centres on Wilhelm, a Swedish royal who reluctantly enrols in Hillerska boarding school following a public altercation. He meets Simon there, and they immediately click. Wilhelm’s relationship with Simon defies expectations as he balances his royal responsibilities and personal goals, telling a moving story of love and self-discovery. Fans have been loving the show so far and now that season 3 is out, let’s see if it’s worth a watch.

Young Royals Season 3 Review

Young Royals Is Still Addictive

“Young Royals,” which embraces its messy yet addicting nature, stays loyal to its teen drama beginnings in its third season. However, as it goes on, the series finds it harder to hold onto its originality. Even if we are immersed in the characters’ development, the main couple’s story starts to wane, which makes us question why we are rooting for them and the legitimacy of their journey.

The main protagonists in “Young Royals” continue to have a strong chemistry and yearning for each other in the face of mounting strain. Even if the show returns to some of the same conflicts from the previous season, the release window gives the story a fresh start and keeps it from getting boring.

Young Royals Is Still Addictive
Credits: Netflix

Despite its potential strength, “Young Royals” falters in its third season as the central relationship between Prince Wilhelm and Simon, now openly dating, struggles to maintain its impact.

Season 3 grapples with the aftermath of their public disclosure, triggering a media frenzy exacerbated by Simon’s sister reporting the leaked video incident. The Royal family contends with the collateral damage, emphasising August’s role as the spare to Wilhelm’s Crown Prince, adding complexity to an already tumultuous narrative.

Simon is under constant scrutiny from the media and onlookers as he deals with the consequences of dating royalty. Sara questions how she was misled. August, meanwhile, works through one of the most complex plots in the series, attempting to earn sympathy and redemption while facing his position as the antagonist in another person’s story. Their interconnected conflicts provide “Young Royals” a deeper, more nuanced plot with layers of complexity.

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The Deep Layers

The theme of privilege is highlighted in Season 3 of “Young Royals,” exposing deeper problems in Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship than just the scandal. Their school’s glaring segregation and unfair treatment are starkly shown, illustrating how deviating from the wealthy, white standard leads to marginalization.

It is revolting to see how the upper class is portrayed as taking advantage of the lower class while maintaining their enslavement. The show confronts the subtleties of social order head-on, causing viewers to feel something visceral.

The Deep Layers
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Among young adult dramas, “Young Royals” is notable for its sophisticated handling of real-life feelings and social issues, interspersed with lighthearted moments. At Hillerska, characters struggle with the consequences of their immaturity and face adult repercussions they cannot avoid.

Even though some story points may seem forced, the show does a great job of evoking real feelings in its audience. This season is particularly captivating and poignant to watch since the producers have skillfully conveyed the pure essence of human sentiment.


“Young Royals” Season 3 continues to captivate with its exploration of love, privilege, and identity amidst the backdrop of royalty and adolescence. While the central romance between Wilhelm and Simon loses some of its spark, the series maintains its addictive quality and emotional depth. The examination of privilege and societal hierarchy adds layers to the narrative, while the characters’ struggles feel authentic and relatable.

Despite occasional clichés and contrivances, the show excels in depicting genuine emotions and social issues, making it a compelling watch for fans of young adult dramas. Overall, Season 3 delivers a poignant and thought-provoking continuation of the beloved series.

We still have two episodes left but if loved the first two seasons, you are going to enjoy this one as well. So, we suggest you stream it.

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