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Files of the Unexplained Review: Netflix’s Latest Docuseries Will Send You Down a Rabbit Hole

Files of the Unexplained

All 8 episodes of Files of the Unexplained are now officially streaming on Netflix, and some of these will truly blow your mind. In this series, Netflix has taken some of the most popular cases that have shocked people all over the world and eventually turned into cold cases, or became a long forgotten memory. However, looks like it is time to dig them back!

Files of the Unexplained has 8 different cases, all very different from each other, which made the use of interviews, archival material, and more to put forth a 35-minute episode for the viewers. In this review, we will help you decide whether you should stream Files of the Unexplained, or skip it!

A Rivetting Docuseries for Everyone

If you are under the impression that Files of the Unexplained is all about UFOs or just about ghost sightings, then you are far away from the truth. This Netflix docuseries has a little bit of everything. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of mysterious cases you enjoy, there is something for everyone.

The first episode talks about the Pascagoula alien abduction, the second then moves on to ghosts of Myrtles plantation and also has an entire episode dedicated to the Government’s UFO conspiracy. Each episode is a standalone tale, which means you don’t necessarily have to watch each and every episode to connect the dots.

A Rivetting Docuseries for Everyone
Credit: Netflix

Each episode of Files of the Unexplained is bound to send shivers down your spine because of just how strong these episodes were. Every episode was supported with evidence that ranged from interviews of authors, residents, family members, and even people who worked for the US government.

In complement to the captivating interviews, the narration in Files of the Unexplained was executed well, as it gracefully took a backseat to the main storyline while providing essential support. Each element – interviews, narration, and archival material – showcased its unique strengths, which helped deliver a well-rounded and enthralling experience.

Files of the Unexplained Review: Netflix's Latest Docuseries Will Send You Down a Rabbit Hole
Credit: Netflix

As per our review, the best episode of Files of the Unexplained is hard to pick, but if we had to, it would surely be the second episode, aka Ghosts of Myrtles Plantation. Each element of this episode was spooky and made our eyes go wide as we gripped the edge of our seats.

So, if you’re into the scary stuff, this episode would be perfect for you. Although we have picked our favorite episode of Files of the Unexplained, we can’t deny that the other episodes were just as interesting, and each of them had something unique to offer.


Files of the Unexplained on Netflix most certainly deserves another season, just so more such stories can be brought to light and explored. Do let us know in the comment section what you thought about this docuseries.

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