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The Wages of Fear Review: A Thrilling Ride with Forgettable Pit Stops!

The Wages of Fear

“The Wages of Fear” centres on brothers Fred and Alex, who an oil firm sends through dangerous terrain to deliver nitroglycerine to stop a disastrous explosion. Tension rises as they encounter ever-greater threats, including betrayals.

The Wages of Fear Review
Credits: Netflix

Unprecedented dangers are revealed in the climax, heightening the suspenseful tale of survival and betrayal in this compelling thriller. Now that the movie is out on Netflix, we’re sure you’re here to get some idea of how the movie actually is and if it is worth your time. So, let’s get into it.

Navigating the Ups and Downs of a Thrilling Journey

Without seeing its predecessor, “The Wages of Fear” comes across as a commercial thriller with explosions and masculine protagonists. It is similar to classic action films in that it puts fun over careful narrative reasoning. The cast gives strong performances, but the story and conversation are shallow.

The actors successfully handle the film’s fast-paced style, putting action ahead of dramatic nuance, even when no prizes are in sight. It works well as pure entertainment, with moments of suspense and heart-pounding action that are ideal for people looking for a direct, action-packed experience free of extra drama.

The flow of “The Wages of Fear” occasionally falters, with some parts dragging and obvious plot twists stifling interest. It is superior to some comparisons, although it is not as effective in providing continuous activity. It does, however, meet the needs of viewers looking for a family-friendly, mildly action film.

Navigating the Ups and Downs of a Thrilling Journey
Credits: Netflix

However, because it takes a more subtle approach, fans of fast-paced thrillers might find it lacking in intensity. Notwithstanding its shortcomings, it offers a passable substitute for light viewing, providing a break from graphic violence and satisfying the needs of those seeking a more straightforward, less hectic cinematic experience.

“The Wages of Fear” is noteworthy for its excellent editing and direction, which provide a contemporary perspective without starting from scratch. It avoids the risks while providing a pleasing, if not thrilling, show equivalent to a fireworks display. The viewing experience is improved by the skilful execution of the technical and production elements.

Is The Wages of Fear Worth the Ride?

An anti-climactic atmosphere is created by foreseeable conclusions and a lack of twists, which deters viewers from being involved in the action. The film lacks genuine excitement or emotional commitment, even with its technical brilliance, as a result of foreshadowing further undermining tension. As a result, although it could please on the surface, it ultimately fails to captivate its audience or make a lasting impression.

The Wages of Fear” falls short of being completely captivating, even with the compelling past of the protagonist brothers and the pressing time restriction given by the major dilemma. Character development continues to be lacking, and the plot follows well-worn tropes while developing at a steady pace. This lack of creativity is especially evident in French action films, where it has become normal to see similar scenes in various settings.

Is The Wages of Fear Worth the Ride?
Credits: Netflix

With its impressive production qualities and thrilling action, “The Wages of Fear” lives up to its promise of entertainment and is a great pick for a Friday night viewing. Nevertheless, a comparison to its predecessor reveals script development flaws that lead to a story that lacks the power of the original.

Despite its thrilling plot and action-packed scenes, the movie is entertaining enough that it might not stick with you or be particularly memorable among other movies. It fulfils its function as a fun evening distraction by providing an hour and a half of excitement and thrills.


“The Wages of Fear” offers an entertaining escape with its thrilling plot and action-packed sequences. While it may not leave a lasting impression or stand out among cinematic offerings, it serves its purpose well as a Friday night diversion.

Despite script development flaws compared to its predecessor, the film delivers on its promise of entertainment, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a straightforward, adrenaline-fueled viewing experience. Ultimately, it may not linger in memory, but it provides an enjoyable ride for its duration. However, even if you skip this one, we think you won’t be missing anything.

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