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Franklin Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know About Apple TV+’s Show

Franklin Season 2

Franklin takes forward the tradition of quality miniseries from 2024. This biographical period drama series follows Benjamin Franklin as he stayed in France for nearly eight years to make diplomatic efforts to get the support of Louis XVI. This was done to get him on America’s side during the Revolutionary War.

Franklin Season 2
Credits: Apple TV+

The series was an adaptation of a book called A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America by Stacy Schiff. Franklin started on April 12th and concluded recently. Since then, fans have been eager to know about Franklin Season 2.

What Happened At The End of Franklin Season 1?

The final episode of Franklin was called Think of Three Things and it was helmed by Tim Van Patten. Released on May 17th, the episode was written by Howard Korder and Kirk Ellis. The episode shows Jacques Chaumont (Aïtor de Calvairac) stealing his mother’s jewelry and eventually getting caught. He is eventually kicked out of the house by his father for this deed and the motivation behind it.

Later, we see Franklin and others continuing their efforts to conclude the war by dividing their country into different parts and regions. Meanwhile, a lot is heating up between Adam and Benjamin but it gets to a peaceful point.

Letters are sent to Versailles for the pact between France and America. The episode also showcases Benjamin going back home after the deal is done and the war comes to a conclusion. The story then concludes with his real-life story and his death in 1790.

Is Franklin Season 2 Happening?

Franklin Season 2 might not happen since Apple TV+ has not announced it yet. The first season was made as a miniseries and it’s rare for shows of this format to return for a follow-up season. The final episode also concluded the storyline and we saw the end of the war and the successful pact between the two countries.

Is Franklin Season 2 Happening?
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We also saw Benjamin Franklin returning to the USA and his later life years until his death, were also mentioned. So it’s unlikely for another season to take place since there is no story left to tell.

What To Expect From It?

The chances of Franklin Season 2 happening are very slim so we can merely speculate on the potential story of this season. Since the first season has covered the entire source material, the makers can opt for another chapter of Benjamin Franklin’s life. He had an interesting life before he ended up spending eight years in France.

All those plots revolving around his birth, growing up years, and what he did initially would make for a very engaging story. The makers can pick any other book based on his life as a point of reference for Franklin Season 2.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

The first season had Michael Douglas portraying Benjamin Franklin as the Founding Father. The Season 2 should have him return in the same role. For the younger version, the makers might opt for a young actor who suits the features. We might also see Noah Jupe returning as William Temple Franklin while Eddie Marsan can play John Adams again.

If the plot centers on the early life of Franklin, we can expect the addition of several new actors in the cast list since many characters will be introduced in the series.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Apple TV+

Since there is no confirmation on Franklin Season 2, a release date for it is only a work of conjecture. The first season started in 2022 and was released in 2024. So if a second one is greenlit, we can expect it to release sometime in 2026.


Franklin beautifully tells a historical tale of grave importance but in an engaging way. The series never becomes a lecture of history and remains entertaining throughout. The performance of Michael Douglas as Franklin is the beating heart of this series as he becomes the character.

Overall, the series never lets the periodness of it to take over the story. Despite the information being in public, viewers are left guessing what will happen next. All this makes it a success which is why a demand for Franklin Season 2 is there.

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