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Franklin Episode 8 Recap: What Happened In The Finale?

Franklin Episode 8 Recap

In Franklin’s series finale, “Think of Three Things,” Jacques Chaumont is discovered stealing jewellery from his mother Therese. When his father confronts him, Jacques acknowledges his lack of interest and longing for an easy, rich existence.

When Chaumont disowns him and forbids Jacques from ever going back to his land, Jacques is left wondering what will happen to him. Let’s see what all happened in the season finale of “Franklin”.

Franklin’s Final Diplomatic Endeavors

In the “Franklin” series finale, British delegates Oswald, Thomas Grenville, and Strachey are being negotiated with tensely by Benjamin, John Jay, and John Adams. The split of America and the conditions for ending the war are hot topics of discussion.

Franklin's Final Diplomatic Endeavors
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Oswald discloses that France, who suggested handing more land to Spain and Native Americans to keep both America and Britain in check, was also contacted by Britain. This information moves Franklin and Oswald one step closer to a possible compromise. To Jay’s annoyance, Benjamin persists in needing further time to finalise the agreement.

Jay confides in Adams after growing more and more disillusioned with Benjamin. Jay acknowledges that Franklin has changed and permits Adams to take any necessary action against him. When Adams approaches Franklin, he first vents his frustrations and lists all the things he finds objectionable in him.

He then displays a forged letter that Bancroft had given him, allegedly from Temple exposing his betrayal. Adams dramatically tears up the letter, confessing that he doesn’t think Franklin or Temple would betray the country.

Personal Dynamics in the Season Finale of Franklin

Negotiations to ensure America’s independence and define its boundaries, compensation, and fishing rights are conducted by Benjamin, John Adams, and John Jay with British representatives Oswald and Strachey. Adams thinks Jay is too chilly to be the primary negotiator, even though Adams acknowledges that he is a hothead himself. Franklin’s appeal so becomes crucial.

Personal Dynamics in the Season Finale of Franklin
Credits: Apple TV+

After a joyful toast, Jay wonders why Benjamin would sign without Versailles’ consent. Franklin expresses his continuous amity with France while acknowledging the necessity to notify Vergennes and assigning the responsibility to Temple. But when Vergennes reads the agreement, he becomes enraged because he believes Franklin has deceived him.

Vergennes is furious, but Franklin, Adams, and Jay sign the contract. Overcome with emotion, Benjamin declares America’s freedom, independence, and sovereignty out loud.

Benjamin and Vergennes confess to each other in an undercover meeting that they both lied to the British to gain advantages for their nations. Franklin jokes that America will always be grateful when Vergennes asks what France got out of its large investment.

However, Vergennes sees right through the facade, anticipating America’s unavoidable trade with England while depriving France of its due. Franklin apologises and even asks for more money, but Vergennes laughs it off.

Departure and Legacy

Benjamin considers staying in Europe instead of going back to America during a moving conversation with Helvetius, but his sense of duty wins out. Helvetius declines his proposal, stating he cannot be restrained.

Benjamin tells Adams all about Bancroft’s deceit and how his charm has kept him in the picture. Afterwards, Bancroft visits Franklin and offers him opium for his voyage. Knowing that Bancroft is a traitor, Franklin says hello to him before they part.

Departure and Legacy
Credits: Apple TV+

Chaumont’s wife requests payment for Franklin’s extended stay as soon as he leaves. She steals what little money Franklin has, even though he assures her that Congress will pay.

Temple looks to make amends with Benjamin before the latter’s departure as he accepts his position at Versailles and becomes the Minister of Games. Benjamin is reluctant to forgive Temple’s father, but their poignant conversation ends with encouragement for Temple to follow his path and mutual understanding.

Benjamin’s exit symbolises the end of his European chapter among scenes of moving character transformations, such as Gilbert’s hail as a military hero, Odette’s victorious theatrical debut, and Vergennes’ acclaim.

Benjamin gives Jacques advice on the ship returning to America, signifying the pursuit of freedom and the imparting of wisdom. As the oldest delegate to the Constitutional Convention and the recipient of a rousing send-off upon his death in 1790, title cards highlight Benjamin’s ongoing influence and the sincere thanks of nations.

Benjamin’s life narrative is a source of inspiration and illumination throughout history, perfectly capturing the intricacies of leaving a lasting legacy, the struggle for independence, and the melancholy contemplations on a life well-lived.

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In the captivating finale of “Franklin,” Benjamin’s intricate negotiations, personal revelations, and emotional farewells underscore the complexity of his legacy and the enduring pursuit of freedom. As he departs Europe for America, leaving behind a trail of transformation and reflection, Benjamin’s story resonates as a testament to the enduring quest for independence, the intricacies of diplomacy, and the profound impact of a life dedicated to the pursuit of liberty and enlightenment.

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