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Frankly Speaking Episode 1 Review: A Unique K-Drama Lands on Netflix

Frankly Speaking, Netflix’s latest K-Drama has officially landed on the streaming platform, and so far, things are looking fun! Fun and funny might just be the two most appropriate words to describe Frankly Speaking, starring Kang Han-na and Go Kyung-pyo, who have stolen the show, and it’s only the first episode. Netflix will be releasing a new episode of the series every day, which gives the viewers more than enough time to make this leisurely watch.

Several elements and subplots will be introduced in Frankly Speaking, but the focus remains on the two main characters – On Woo-ju and Song Ki-baek. Although it is only the first episode, viewers have been given enough screentime of Woo-ju and Ki-baek together, which is the cherry on top of this K-Drama. Make sure you stick around until the very end of this review to know more about Frankly Speaking Episode 1.

A Brilliant Start to Frankly Speaking!

The pilot episode of any series is an important one as it sets the tone and pace of the entire series, and gives the viewers a glimpse into what they can expect from the coming episodes. While some shows take time to develop, others have a strong start, and Frankly Speaking belongs to the latter.

Frankly Speaking Episode 1 had a runtime of just over an hour, and that was more than enough to keep us engaged and also curious about what’s to come in this unique K-Drama.

A Brilliant Start to Frankly Speaking!
Credit: Netflix

The reason we use the word unique is mainly because of the last 10 minutes or so of the episode, where the actual plot of the series is introduced. Although the climax of Frankly Speaking Episode 1 was the most important part, the rest of it was entertaining and extremely funny.

The episode starts with Song Ki-baek’s flourishing career as a news anchor, however, there’s a big hurdle in this journey after an unfortunate episode on-air.

Frankly Speaking Episode 1 Review
Credit: Netflix

Frankly Speaking does an impressive job of keeping the focus on the two main protagonists of the show, showcasing their different lives and career paths, all separately until both of them are stuck in the elevator together.

No, this wasn’t love at first sight moment for Ki-baek and On Woo-ju, which frankly helps the story because it leaves more room for the chemistry to build between them. Frankly Speaking could potentially be a slow burn, but it will certainly work in its favor!

Ki-baek and On Woo-ju
Credit: Netflix

There is a lot of entertainment in Frankly Speaking Episode 1 and you will want more after the unhinged ending when Ki-baek gets the shock of his life, quite literally because it was an electric shock. This is the point where the main plot of the series is introduced and we catch a glimpse of it, which has only left us wanting more in the coming episodes!


So far, we would highly recommend watching Frankly Speaking Episode 1, which is now streaming on Netflix. Do let us know us know in the comment section what you thought about this K-Drama so far!